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Delimitation will happen, followed by election, restoration of statehood of Jammu-Kashmir: Amit Shah

Delimitation implies redrawing the boundaries of constituencies at the state or national level to reflect the demographic changes in the area


Union Home Minister Amit Shah has said that delimitation will happen in Jammu and Kashmir, followed by elections and then restoration of statehood.

“Why should we stop delimitation? Delimitation will happen, followed by elections and then restoration of statehood. I want to be friends with the Kashmiri youth,” Amit Shah said in Srinagar.

Delimitation is redrawing of the boundaries of an assembly or Lok Sabha constituency. It is done to reflect the demographic changes in a state, union territory or the whole nation. The delimitation exercise of Jammu and Kashmir is likely to begin next year.

“Terrorism has reduced, stone-pelting is not visible anymore. I want to assure you that strict action will be taken against those who want to ruin the peace in Jammu and Kashmir. No one can obstruct development here. It’s our commitment,” he said.

“I have come to Jammu and Kashmir after around 2.5 years. It is a very happy moment for me. After the security review meeting, I shall attend an event by the youngsters of clubs,” he said.

Shah also said that the Kashmiri had been saved due to and internet suspension. “People questioned curfew, internet suspension. Had there been no curfew, I don’t know how many lives would have been lost. Kashmiri youths have been saved due to curfew and internet suspension,” Amit Shah said, adding “Three families ruled for 70 years. Why were 40,000 people killed?”

He announced that the Jammu and Kashmir government had decided to form a club in every panchayat and Rs 25,000 will be provided to every such club.

“So far, 150 clubs have been provided havans. engagement programmes have been started too,” he said.

He added that 4,500 clubs have been registered across Jammu and Kashmir out of which 4,229 youth clubs are in rural areas. “You can imagine that 4,229 youth clubs are working to connect the youth of rural areas with some or the other activities of development and sports. This is a new beginning,” he added.

“From fear, terrorism, corruption, and family-based politics to peace, development, and prosperity. The of Jammu-Kashmir have brought about this change,” Amit Shah said.

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