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Delhi Waqf Board wants to turn Millennium Park into a graveyard?

The Delhi Waqf Board is trying to occupy the park, exploiting the public sentiment surrounding COVID: VHP to Lt Governor Anil Baijal



The Delhi Waqf Board is allegedly hatching a conspiracy to grab the land of Millennium Park in the Indraprastha area of the capital city to bury Muslims who dies of the coronavirus disease (COVID) — according to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). The board, the VHP alleges, enjoys the support of some functionaries of Arvind Kejriwal’s Delhi government.

The VHP wrote this letter to Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Anil Baijal. The letter alleged that the Delhi Waqf Board had made illegal encroachment on the land of Millennium Park. The VHP said the signboard of ‘Jadeed Qabristan Ahl-e-Islam’ should be removed from the park gate.

The complaint says the Delhi Waqf Board tried to encroach on the land of the park, trying to exploit the public concern surrounding the epidemic. They have been attempting to bury those who died of COVID in this park and turn the public property into a cemetery.

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The VHP says that local citizens have objected to the intention of the waqf board. The VHP said that due to the awareness of the citizens of Village Nangli Rajapur of Delhi, the encroachment has stopped in the Indraprastha Millennium Park. However, efforts are still underway to capture the public property, the VHP alleges. There are constant attempts to bury the corpses of those who died of COVID in the park, the letter says and adds that the miscreants have broken a few locks of the park.

VHP national spokesperson Vinod Bansal shared a video in this regard on Twitter. It is also written, “It is called land jihad and Delhi Waqf Board specialises in it.”

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In an order last month, the Delhi Waqf Board had designated a place called Jadeed Qabristan near the Millennium Park to bury those who died of COVID, urging the city’s Muslims to perform last rites on the spot before burials begin.

On receiving information about this, the locals of Nagali Rajapur protested the encroachment and, together with the VHP, ensured that no dead bodies were buried there.

Encroachment by the Waqf Board and allowing the corpses of infected patients to be buried here may increase the risk of spreading the disease, villagers fear. In its letter, the VHP has accused the waqf board of placing their graveyard sign on a property that belongs to the park.

The organisation for Hindus says further that the cemetery is connected to the main gate of the park and the Buddha Stupa is only 100 m away from the spot. The VHP says in the letter that on 17 and 18 May, the board tried to break the gate of the park using an earthmover.

In the letter, the VHP has demanded strict action against the unauthorised occupants of the park and their accomplices. It has also demanded immediate removal of the graveyard sign from the entrance of the park.


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