Thursday 30 June 2022
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Delhi Police: Rs 1 lakh reward for info on wrestler Sushil Kumar

Delhi Police has announced a cash award of Rs.50,000 for anyone who provides information on Sushil's associate Ajay Kumar, a co-accused in the murder of Sagar Rana

The Delhi Police on 17 May announced a award of Rs 1 lakh for anyone who provides information on double Olympic medallist wrestler Sushil Kumar, who has been on the run since 4 May, after his name was linked to the murder of a former wrestler.

Delhi Police has announced a award of Rs.50,000 for anyone who provides information on Sushil’s associate Ajay Kumar, who is a co-accused in the murder of Sagar Dhankar, a former international wrestler.

On 4 May, two groups of wrestlers clashed at Chattarsal Stadium, resulting in the death of 23-year-old Dhankar.

Sushil Kumar, employed with the Indian Railways, is posted as an officer on special duty at Chhattrasal Stadium, where the brawl allegedly took place.

Last week, a Delhi court had issued a non-bailable warrant against Sushil, besides issuing a lookout notice against him. “A lookout notice has been issued for Kumar,” Dr Guriqbal Singh Sidhu, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (North West Delhi) had said.

“Delhi Police has recorded the statements of the victims recovering in a local hospital, and they have made allegations against Sushil Kumar. We sent out team to his house but he was not found,” Sidhu had said.

As per reports, the wrestler along with his associates involved in a deadly brawl earlier this month over a dispute with the deceased, who was lodging at his residence near the stadium.

It has been learnt that the deceased, named Sagar Rana, was the son of a Delhi Police Head Constable. Sushil had earlier declined from having any role in the incident and stated that the ones involved in the brawl were not known to him. 

However, the Olympic medallist has since been absconding forcing the police to issue a look-out-circular against him. 

The other victims involved in the clash also recorded their statements before Delhi Police. They claimed that Sushil was involved in the incident. The Olympic medallist is hiding in an ashram in Haridwar according to some reports.

Meanwhile, the police found a recorded video of the incident from the mobile phone of accused Prince Dalal during the investigation, and faces of all the attackers can be seen in the video.

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