Sunday 23 January 2022
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Delhi Police rescues 15-year-old love jihad victim from Mewat

Tayyab Hussain raped the minor girl in Azamgarh and then repeated the act of crime time and again in many places, finally taking the hostage to his home in Mewat

In order to rescue a kidnapped 15-year-old minor girl, two policemen from Rajouri Garden police station in West went to Mewat of Haryana and searched for her for 35 gruelling days in white clothes, mingling with the crowd for clues. Eventually, Police succeeded in rescuing the girl from a place near the Badarpur border. The cops arrested the suspect who had abducted the minor after seducing her.

Police of the West district of the national capital said the name of the arrested kidnapper is Tayyab Hussain. Hiding his real identity, he befriended the 15-year-old girl from Rajouri Garden on Facebook.

The accused hails from the Govindgarh area of ​​Mewat, Haryana. On 23 October, he lured the girl to Muzaffarpur of Bihar. From there, he took the victim to where Tayyab Hussain stayed at his friend’s for a few days.

Tayyab Hussain raped the minor girl in and then repeated the act of time and again in many places, finally taking the hostage to his home in Mewat.

Meanwhile, Police initiated an investigation after registering a case of kidnapping on the complaint. Once Anil Sharma, the SHO of Rajouri Garden Police Station, received the complaint, the probe that began revealed the Mewat connection of Tayyab. Delhi Police sent two of its cops — Sub-Inspector Prakash and Havildar Shaukat — to Mewat to locate the house of the accused and get information about the kidnapped minor there.

The two policemen roamed Mewat in disguise for 35 days. In the end, they succeeded in locating the kidnapper-rapist and his hostage.

Then on 8 December, Police recovered the minor girl from a place near the Badarpur border. They arrested the accused. The sub-inspector and the havildar played an important role in recovering the child while doing excellent work.

The minor told the police that the accused first befriended her by hiding his true identity. Then he took her away somewhere and raped her. In a turn to love jihad, the criminal tried also to forcefully marry her.

The police came to know that the parents of the accused were accomplices in their son’s criminal acts. Police is on a lookout for them.

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