Sunday 26 June 2022
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Delhi Police busts WhatsApp hacking syndicate; foreigner arrested

Taking over the control of the WhatsApp of the target, the hackers demanded money from the contact list of the victim with distress messages

The Cyber Crime Unit of the Special Cell of Police, the IFSO, busted today a racket involved in cheating by impersonation using WhatsApp hacking. The syndicate operating from Delhi and Bangalore arrested a person named Chimelum Emmanuel Aniwetalu.

A victim approached the Cyber Crime Unit and complained that his mobile phone had been hacked by some unknown persons. Taking over the control of the WhatsApp of the complainant, the hackers were demanding money from his contact list by sending distress messages, IFSO ​​​​​​​​​Special Cell said through a press release.

The suspects had provided a bank account to the contacts of the complainant for transferring the money. A case was registered at PS-Special Cell and an was taken up.

The technical and human intelligence led to the identification of one of the accused persons. Suspects Chimelum Emmanuel Aniwetalu was arrested under the appropriate section of law. All 15 mobile phones and one laptop has been seized from his possession.

The seized laptop reveals that they use applications that are being used to design various malware links. The suspects used to send the specially designed malware disguised in the form of some application to the victim’s devices.

The suspects used to create a dedicated application for each victim which when downloaded and installed on the victim’s phone will send Contacts, Call Logs and SMSs on the accused server.

During interrogation, it was learnt that the suspects were involved also in other forms of inducement and cheatings. The same has been unearthed in the forensic examination.

The most prominent modus operandi was to impersonate as a girl and then befriend various social media profiles and once the person could develop the trust on his fake profile, he would then subsequently send a link, which used to be disguised in the manner that the same is for joining a new social media group.

Once the person clicks on that link, he or she would lose control over their social media profiles. Thereafter, Emmanuel used to operate the social media accounts for his nefarious goals.

It has been further revealed that he was involved in cheating on the pretext of selling herbal seeds, wherein he would first create a false demand on exaggerated price and then would provide the same at a lower price through some other contact.

In this process, the victim would normally be cheated or defrauded of the money invested in that seeds. It was also learnt that the accused was involved in cheating on the pretext of making friends on social media.

He used to impersonate as female and then would trap the victim by projecting that she has sent a precious gift and certain fees are to be paid for the delivery of the gift.

It was further learnt that Emmanuel was staying in India beyond the expiry date of his valid VISA. His tourist visa expired in 2018 and he created a fake document pertaining to Asylum Seeker.

In this regard, a separate case has been registered at PS-Mohan Garden section 188 IPC& Section 14C Foreigner Act. The House owner, who had rented his premises to the arrested foreigner has been booked accordingly.

Police urged the citizens to be cautious while communicating on social media and clicking on any web/URL link sent on the social media and to check the credentials of the foreign national while letting out their premises on rent.

The operation was undertaken by the team of inspectors Vijay Gahlawat, Bhanu Pratap, SIs Pawan, Manish, HCs Virender, Naveen and Ct Krishan under the close supervision of ACP Sh Raman Lamba. The is in progress.

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