Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Delhi Police arrests Bengaluru collaborator of Greta Thunberg

Delhi Police had written to Google to get the IP address or the location from where the 'toolkit' shared and uploaded on the social media platform to identify its creators

Delhi Police arrested a 21-year-old climate change activist Disha Ravi from Bengaluru in connection with the toolkit related to farmers’ protests, shared accidentally by Greta Thunberg on Twitter. The special cell of the team from Delhi arrested Disha Ravi, the founder of Friday for Future (FFF), on 13 February.

The cops will question her for allegedly disseminating the toolkit related to farmers’ protests to various people via social media. The young activist had established FFF in August 2018 when Thunberg announced a school strike against climate change.

Thunberg had shared a toolkit titled ‘Global Farmers Strike- First Wave’, which seems to have been in circulation since early January. It had encouraged people to organise solidarity protests either at or near Indian embassies, local government offices or offices of various multinational Adani and Ambani companies.

The toolkit urged people to participate in the farmers’ tractor rally on Republic Day, which snowballed into riots.

What Thunberg, still learning the ropes of leftist rabble-rousing, mistakingly shared was an organised plan of ‘ storm’ on 4 and 5 February, and then solidarity messages by 5 and 6 February. The document laid out the Republic Day plot to carry out protests outside the Indian embassies across the world. To make it look a lesser mistake, Thunberg deleted the toolkit hours later and tweeted an updated toolkit with certain omissions.

Both the outdated toolkit and the current one provide a list of “urgent actions” as well as “prior actions”. The former has a timeline: A ‘ storm’ on 4 and 5 February; solidarity photo or video message by 5 and 6 February; contacting government representatives to ask them to take action; signing online petitions; and divesting from Adani, Ambani enterprises.

The list of “prior actions” includes a ‘Digital Strike’ with the hashtag  ‘Ask India Why’ and asks the readers to tag @PMOIndia, @nstomar (Minister of Agriculture & Farmer Welfare), the heads of other nations, and international bodies like the IMF, WTO, FAO, World Bank.

Thunberg then shared an ‘updated toolkit’ which continued to claim that “India has a long history of human rights violations, violence, and a cruel indifference for its most vulnerable citizens.” and states that, “It is paramount to put international pressure on India’s Government.” It removes the Republic Day plan from the AskIndiaWhy’s ‘prior actions’ and the call to boycott ‘Adani and Ambani’.

Days after environment activist Greta Thunberg shared the ‘toolkit’ to protest revealing the plot to intensify protests in India, has agreed to identify the creators of the document, sources informed. The said document is also under the scanner of the Delhi Police, investigating its connection to the 26 January violence that broke out on the streets of the national capital in the garb of the farmers’ protest.  Earlier on 5 February, Delhi Police had sought details of several accounts from Instagram and in connection with the ‘toolkit’.

Delhi Police had written to to get the IP address or the location from where the ‘toolkit’ shared and uploaded on the social media platform to identify its creators. Prior to that, Delhi Police filed an FIR in connection with the ‘toolkit’ which was exposed by media, alleging that it aimed to wage a “social, cultural and economic war against the Government of India”. 

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