Wednesday 2 December 2020
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Delhi election 2020: Tiwari won’t give up until 3:30 PM

When we started, we were ahead in 13-14 seats, now we are ahead in 20-22 seats. We should wait a little longer: Delhi BJP president

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India Elections Delhi election 2020: Tiwari won't give up until 3:30 PM

From the trend in the results so far, the Delhi assembly election can be called in favour of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) due to its insurmountable lead. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is leading only in 14 seats. The AAP is all set to cruise to a two-third majority. Yet, BJP state president Manoj Tiwari says he still hopes that “we will do well”.

Tiwari said that these were the initial trends. “We hope that, as the counting of votes progresses, our seats will increase,” he said.

The Delhi BJP head said that by 3:30 PM, “I hope that the picture will be clear”. He did mention, however, “whatever be the outcome, I am ready to take responsibility. I will take responsibility and I have stuck my neck out. Whatever result we get, I am the president of the party in Delhi, it is my responsibility”.

Tiwari said that the lead margins in many seats were modest. “I still hope,” he said, albeit with a sullen voice.

The Delhi BJP president said, “When we started, we were ahead in 13-14 seats, now we are ahead in 20-22 seats. So, we should wait a little longer. Even now I feel that the result can come in our favour. Right now, I’m hopeful. Trends can change.”

After the exit polls were out, Tiwari had claimed in a tweet the BJP would win 48 seats. He wrote, “All these exit polls will fail. Save this tweet of mine. BJP will form government by winning 48 seats in Delhi. Please do not begin finding excuses to blame the EVM as yet.”

Tiwari has been consistently claiming victory for the BJP. Before the counting of votes began, the Delhi Pradesh BJP president had said on Tuesday morning he was not nervous. “Today will be a good day for BJP. Celebration preparations have started in the BJP office. BJP is forming the Delhi government today. We can win as many as 55 seats,” he had asserted.

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