Wednesday 25 May 2022
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Decision to amend Citizenship Act 1,000% honest: PM Modi

'We have brought this law to give citizenship to minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who have endured a lot of persecution'

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Prime Minister launched a scathing attack on the and its allies today over the amended citizenship law. The prime minister said, “The work that Pakistan was doing till yesterday is what the INC is doing today.”

The prime minister accused the of spreading chaos in the country and said, “The way an attempt has been made to set fire in the country, it has become clear that our decision of the Citizenship Act is 1,000% truthful. it is in the interest of the country.”

In a fierce attack on the at the BJP’s election rally held in Dumka, Jharkhand, the prime minister said, “Congress and its allies are creating a storm. If things don’t pan out the way they want, they provoke people. Who they are, who is igniting passions, they can be identified from their clothes. There is no hope left that these people will do good for the country and do good for the people of the country. They only think about their family.”

The prime minister slammed the for Overseas Congress’s demonstrations outside the Indian embassies in eight countries of the world. He said, “You will be surprised, there is a High Commission of India in that represents 130 crore countrymen. When the verdict on Ram Janmabhoomi arrived, the Pakistanis went and demonstrated in front of the Indian Embassy in London. When Article 370 was abrogated, the people of Pakistan went to the High Commission and demonstrated and also turned violent.” Modi said that this work of Congress was like that of Pakistan.

Pakistan wants to discredit India in the world and Congress tried the same yesterday,” Modi said, adding, “You will be surprised that the work that Pakistan always does in London, some salable people keep doing it on Pakistani money, Congressmen have done the same thing for the first time. What could be more shameful than this? Do the people of India demonstrate in front of Indian Embassies in different countries of the world? They are working to discredit India in the world.”

The prime minister was referring to the Congress workers’ demonstrations outside the Indian missions located in many countries of the world at the of Bharat Bachao rally held in Delhi a day earlier.

Modi said, “Understand the Congress and their allies… The country is watching who is giving silent support to the arsonists, turning a blind eye at the violence.”

The prime minister said, seeing what was going on, the country was now sure that Parliament has saved the country by enacting a new law of citizenship.

Modi said, “Our country’s Parliament made a significant change related to the citizenship law. We have brought this law to give citizenship to minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. These people have endured a lot of persecution there. It was difficult to live there. Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, Jains and Buddhists were forced to live a refugee life from these countries. Even when we are going to give citizenship to such people, the Congress has problems.”

The prime minister said that the and had no roadmap for the development of Jharkhand. He said, “Neither the Congress and its allies have any roadmap nor have they ever done anything for the development of this State. They have only worked for themselves, have thought about one family.”

Modi further said, “Before 2014, the chief minister who was here used to claim the construction of 30,000-35,000 houses and described it as a great achievement. Now we are moving forward with the resolve that every in the country should have their own home. We are committed to giving you a better life. We are always dedicated to the development of the State.”

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