Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Deal a crushing blow to terrorists: Xi


Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered troops stationed in Xinjiang to deal a “crushing blow” to terrorists. Xi, chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks when visiting the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops stationed in Xinjiang.

before that, an attack at a railway station in the country’s western city of Urumqi was carried out by two religious extremists, both of whom died in the bombing. Three people were killed, including the assailants, and 79 wounded in a and attack at the station on Wednesday, as President Xi Jinping was wrapping up a visit to the area.

The Xinjiang government said on its official news website ( that the two attackers who were killed had “long been influenced by extremist religious thought and participated in extremist religious activities”.

Speaking with senior officials on Sunday, Xi ordered PLA forces to assist local government and party departments in combating terrorism and safeguarding social stability.

All forms of terrorism should be rooted out in an early phase, while decisive action must be taken to stop terrorists gaining momentum, he said.

In a separate meeting with officials from the and China’s armed forces in Xinjiang on Tuesday, Xi said the long-term stability of the autonomous region is vital to the whole country’s reform, development and stability, as well as to national unity, ethnic harmony and national security. He called on the and the armed police to play a better role in protecting China’s borders and combating violent and terrorist activities. They must work to enhance ethnic unity and should participate in and assist Xinjiang’s future development and construction, in order to contribute to the region’s lasting peace and order, Xi said.

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