Sunday 23 January 2022
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DDA proposes uniform FAR for shop-cum-residence plots

New Delhi: The DDA has proposed bringing uniform floor area ratio (FAR) for shop-cum-residence plots and complexes at par with residential plots, a move that will come as a big relief to traders facing the threat of sealing, officials said today.

The proposal, which hinges on an amendment to the Master Plan of Delhi (MPD-2021) was approved during a meeting of the Development Authority (DDA) held under the chairmanship of Lt Anil Baijal at the Raj Niwas here today.

The DDA, however, said provisions of as per the prevailing standards shall be mandatory for approval or sanctioning of any revised plans by local bodies in case of shop-cum-residence plots or shop-cum-residence plots designated as local shopping centres (LSCs).

“An amendment has been proposed to the Master Plan to provide uniform FAR for shop-cum-residence plots or complexes at par with residential plots, as given to properties on the mixed-use street, which will depend on the size of the plot and subject to availability of parking,” a senior official said.

FAR is the ratio of a building’s total floor area (gross floor area) to the size of the piece of land upon which it is built.

The urban body also proposed reducing charges from “10 times to two times” for violation of other terms and conditions for properties meant for mixed use.

At the meeting, the DDA proposed to “allow commercial activity in the basements in all commercial streets and areas, subject to payment of requisite charges without any discrimination”.

“Once the public notification regarding the amendment is issued, there will be three days for inviting suggestions and objections from people, after which it will again come up for review and then finally sent to the Centre for approval,” the official said.

The move will come as a big relief to traders, who have been seeking uniform FAR, as several properties have been sealed by civic bodies in the last few months.

Civic bodies in north, south and central have taken action against more than 50 shops in the Colony market on the directions of the apex court-appointed monitoring committee for failing to deposit conversion charges according to Master Plan 2021.

Union and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Singh Puri had recently said the DDA was a process of amending Delhi’s Master Plan to provide relief to the traders from the ongoing sealing drive in the national capital.

The ministry has also decided to reduce the number of days for which the notification has to be put in the public domain from 45 days to three considering the urgency of the situation.

DDA authorities said the decision was spurred by large-scale public grievances raised by shopkeepers and trade associations.

“Issues were also raised by the local bodies with respect to the absence of provisions for shop-cum-residence plots, which came up after MPD-1962 and development control norms for shop-cum-residential plots/complex, declared as commercial centres,” the urban body said in a statement.

At the meeting, it was proposed that local bodies approve the revised plans for any additions or alterations as per permitted use or activity, subject to all statutory clearances with respect to relevant provisions of building bye-laws, structural safety, safety and other norms.

The DDA also proposed norms for the redevelopment of godowns clusters existing in “non-conforming areas, to be inserted as new paragraph 6.4 in Chapter 6 – Wholesale Trade as a modification to MPD-2021”.


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