Friday 28 January 2022
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Dawood Ibrahim’s ‘girlfriend’ Mehwish Hayat wants to be PM of Pakistan

It was alleged two years ago that gangster Dawood Ibrahim was enamoured with Mehwish after he saw her performing to the tune of an item song

Pakistani actor and alleged girlfriend of underworld gangster Dawood Ibrahim, Mehwish Hayat, recently revealed her political aspirations and her aim to occupy the PM’s chair in the land. During her Q&A session on Geo TV, Hayat said she was inspired by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and would like to become the Prime Minister of the country someday.

When the host of the session asked her if she intends to pursue a career in politics, the actor confidently responded in affirmative, saying “InshaAllah”(god willing).

“Will you practice politics through the parliament or through a political party?” the host asked. Mehwish Hayat cryptically answered that time will better tell whether her entry to politics happens by joining the parliament or by forming her own political party.

The muse of Dawood Ibrahim said she was “massively (sic) inspired” by the politics of the PTI in particular. “I am inspired by their politics because they have brought about good changes and a paradigm shift in the way society used to think. Imran Khan was a cricketer before he took the plunge into politics. If a cricketer can become the prime minister of the country, surely actors can also become one as well,” she said.

Her keen interest in wanting to become the prime minister of Pakistan prompted the host to ask if she intended to challenge Imran Khan, the incumbent prime minister. Hayat did not shy away from expressing her interest in becoming Pakistan’s next female premier.

“I don’t want to challenge him but someone is bound to take his place later on and I can also become a contender for the prime minister’s position,” Dawood Ibrahim’s reported love interest said.

It is worth noting that Imran Khan is considered by many as the pseudo prime minister of the country, a leader who is installed by the Pakistani deep state, i.e Pakistani Army, to give a pretence of working democracy to the western countries. Several Pakistani observers and analysts claim that Imran Khan continues to remain a figurehead prime minister of Pakistan and acts as a marionette whose strings are controlled by the mandarins of the Pakistani Army.

As for Hayat’s relationship with Dawood Ibrahim, it was recently reported that the dreaded gangster was allegedly unhappy after reports of him being in a romantic affair with the Pakistani actor become public. Mehwish Hayat is 27 years younger than Dawood Ibrahim and the rumours of their relationship started doing the rounds after she was awarded Pakistan’s civilian honour of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in 2019.

It was alleged two years ago that Dawood Ibrahim was enamoured with Mehwish after he saw her performing to the tune of an item song. After this, he came into contact with her and reportedly helped her in bagging big projects. It was initially speculated that some influential person from Karachi who has good ties with the Tehreek-e-Insaf party was behind Hayat’s swift success in the Pakistani film industry. Later, it was revealed that the man was none other than Dawood Ibrahim, who has always had a firm hold over the film industry and has good relations with many director-producers in Pakistan.

Dawood Ibrahim is a wanted criminal in India and is one of the accused in the Mumbai 1993 bomb blasts in which 257 people lost their lives and more than 1,400 were injured after a series of 12 bombs went off in different parts of the city.

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