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Davinder Singh and sloppy policing in Jammu-Kashmir

This is the third time police officer Davinder Singh, caught recently in the company of Hizb terrorists, has been charged with a serious offence

Teams of Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) officers will interrogate Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Davinder Singh, arrested on Saturday with terrorists of Hizb ul Mujahideen in Jammu and Kashmir. According to sources, The President’s Gallantry Medal of Davinder may be seized.

According to sources, after the arrest of Davinder Singh, Jammu and Kashmir Police met officials of the home ministry. They gave the ministry all the information about the encounter of Kulgam including details of Singh’s terror links.

On 15 August last year, Davinder Singh had received the President’s Gallantry Medal.

The DSP had made a deal of Rs 12 lakh with the terrorists in the car. He was going to ensure a safe passage for the terrorists to Chandigarh. To take care of his part of the bargain, Singh had taken a four-day leave from office.

Jammu and Kashmir Police caught the cop and the terrorists on Saturday when they were moving in a car together. Police sources say two of the most wanted terrorists of Hizb ul Mujahideen were in the back seat while DSP Davinder Singh was driving the car.

Among the arrested terrorists is Hizb’s top commander Naveed Babu. The other terrorist is Altaf. Two AK 47 rifles and grenades were recovered from the DSP’s house.

Davinder Singh & sloppy Jammu and Kashmir Police

The arrested cop’s story is one of the dysfunctional policing system in the country, especially in Jammu and Kashmir, which is ridden with holes where its intelligence network, disciplinary action or prosecution or all the three do not work to pin down moles in the department. According to sources, in the year 2004, Afzal Guru, convicted of the attack on Parliament House, had said in a letter that Davinder Singh had asked a certain Mohammed to buy a house and get a car on rent in Delhi for the terrorist who was eventually sentenced to death and hanged. Mohammed was involved in the attack on the Parliament House. Afzal Guru was hanged in the year 2013. Afzal Guru’s charge could not be substantiated.

Davinder Singh’s career in the police has seen dramatic ups and downs amid reports of his bravery and treachery alternately amusing the authority. He was posted in the special operations group of Jammu and Kashmir Police after the elite force was established in 1994. During the period, he was promoted out of turn from the rank of an inspector to that of a DSP, as the reports of the time suggested he had been a useful cop for anti-terrorist operations.

However, soon thereafter, Davinder Singh had to be demoted amid complaints of corruption and extortion against him. He was suspended for a duration at the time.

Davinder Singh’s career took a turn again when the allegations against him could not be proved and he was finally posted in the department of airport security, which is his current job description.

Of course, even worse was possible in a state given a special status by Article 370, where bureaucrats used to run a gun racket.

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