Daughter of woman who forced her way into Sabarimala converted to Islam

The woman who tried to enter Sabarimala now accuses Muslim fundamentalists and her husband of converting her daughter to Islam, seeks chief minister's help

Daughter of woman who forced her way into Sabarimala converted to Islam

Thiruvananthapuram: Bindhu Thankam Kaliyani has accused the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), a Muslim fundamental organisation, together with her husband, of converting her daughter to Islam. She has blamed her husband, Kamal C Najmal, of accepting money from the extremist outfit SDPI for the conversion.

The SDPI had provided all support to the Najmal to convert the couple’s daughter, Bhoomi. He took his 12-year-old daughter from home during a vacation and refused to send her back home. The father further got a transfer certificate from Bhoomi’s school and admitted her to a school under the administration of another Muslim fundamentalist group called Solidarity.

Bindhu complains that she is not allowed to visit her daughter, who is now arriving at the school wearing a hijab. For the past four months, her husband has been blocking her efforts to see Bhoomi. He has even warned that SDPI activists would hurt Bindhu physically if the mother were to try to meet with her daughter. Bindhu has accused her husband of physical torture, too.

Devotees of Lord Ayyappa believed to be in a state of eternal celibacy in the shrine of Sabarimala, say that the CPI(M)-led Kerala government ran roughshod over the Hindu community’s sentiments by trying to force women into the place of worship. They brought women with no faith into a Hindu shrine in a bid to hurt the feelings of Hindus and to destroy the ancient rituals followed in the temple. Bindhu Thankam Kaliyani was one of such women who tried to enter the holy shrine. However, the timely intervention of Ayyappa devotees thwarted her plans.