Saturday 21 May 2022
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Data of 55 lakh+ artists collected for cultural mapping

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New Delhi: The Ministry of Culture has initiated a project of ‘Cultural Mapping of India’ in order to carry out a survey on the topography of artists and artistes of the country. A number of meetings of experts has been held since 15 May 2015 in order to conceptualise the project.

The work of entry of data of artists has been assigned to Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT), New Delhi. So far, data on more than 55 lakh artists has been collected. The ministry is taking the help of State governments and different organisations to collect the data of artists.

Under this scheme, the National Informatics Centre (NIC) is developing a web portal for collection of data directly from artists. The database will serve as an artist repository that can be used in future for the purpose of providing grant-in-aid under various cultural schemes administered by this ministry.

In order to generate fund and run the mission, a sub-committee of experts constituted for this purpose has prepared a draft mission document. Once it is finalised, it will be sent for consultation to NITI Aayog and ministries concerned.

The mandate of the Ministry of Culture is to preserve, promote, explore and share India’s culture and heritage along with its ethos and values for the benefit of mankind. The ministry has been administering a few finance-based schemes to identify, nurture hand-hold and train the upcoming and budding artistes on a sustained basis. This is carried out by way of grant of scholarships, fellowships, pensions, and other forms of grants/assistance.

The data consolidated at one place in a systematic manner will help in streamlining and rationalising various financial grant schemes of the ministry for artists and cultural organisations. The portal will ensure effectiveness and transparency. It will assure the people that their money is being put to good use.

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