Monday 5 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaDabur uses Karwa Chauth in Fem ad to deliver lesbian message

Dabur uses Karwa Chauth in Fem ad to deliver lesbian message

The incensed Twitterati asked whether Dabur would dare use a Muslim occasion for woke messaging

Commercial advertisements are a dime a dozen especially during the festival season and with Karwa Chauth, Diwali, Dhanteras all in quick successions, products have been coming out with advertisements and some of them have been been trying to make a statement. A recent advertisement by Dabur Fem has elicited mixed reactions after it rolled out an ad that celebrated ‘Karva Chauth’ but made it more dynamic and inclusive.

The ad promoted a face bleaching product and it shows two young women getting ready for their first ‘Karwa Cahuth’ and thus indulging in make up and face cleansing products. The two women are also given festive clothes by an elderly woman to wear on the ocassion as they discuss why they are keeping the ‘Karwa Chauth’ fast.

The ad then moves to the next scene which shows both the women standing facing each other with the ornate sieve and a decorated thali in front of them, thus revealing they are each other’s partners. While many praised the ad for being progressive and LGBTQ friendly, promoting same-sex couples and relationships, it caused a divide on social media as always.

Festival season is generally a profitable period of time for brands and organisations. As consumers go out on a shopping spree to mark the festivities, companies cash in on this festive season by either launching new products or by marketing their existing lineup with commercials that set the brand apart from its competition. 

However, on many occasions, this time-tested hack of attracting eyeballs backfires when companies fail to factor in the sensitivities of the people. For instance, Fab India was on the receiving end of criticism for referring to Diwali as Jashn-e-Riwaaz in their social media posts. Although they tried to distance themselves from the quagmire, the damage was done.

Check out the advertisement here:

While the advertisement tried to juxtapose a traditional Hindu ritual with an inclusive message, it was not taken kindly by many on social media. And the problem didn’t seem to be only about hurting ‘Hindu sentiments’ but also about catering to the fair skin syndrome so prevalant in the Indian society along with what some termed as a ‘often-criticized festival’.

Check out some of the comments on Twitter:

The advert swiftly went viral on social media with the comments box flooding with an array of reactions from netizens. While some people hailed the progressive storyline, others plainly rejected it. Some people were irked by the omnipresent obsession with a fair complexion.

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