Thursday 9 December 2021
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CWG 2018: Mary Kom seals place in final

Mary Kom, defeated Sri Lanka's Anusha Dilrukshi Koddithuwakku in the semis. She has assured silver while there is a chance that she might win gold too

Gold Coast: Mary Kom who is also known as ‘Magnificent Mary’, on Wednesday brought good news for India, when she enters to the Commonwealth Games final of the 45-48 category boxing.

Mary Kom, defeated Sri Lanka’s Anusha Dilrukshi Koddithuwakku in the semis. She has assured while there is a chance that she might win gold too.

Both boxers were a bit cautious in the opening round, trying to hit each other although Mary managed to land several punches. Mary used a low guard and used her reflexes and feet to take the advantage.

Both boxers were equally matched in the second round while in the third as Mary picked up the points with a steady barrage of punches. Dilrukshi finally picked up pace in the final three minutes, but Mary Kom drew from her own well of experience to thwart her.

She is a five-time World Boxing champion, and the only boxer to have won a in each one of the six world championships. She is also Olympic bronze-medallist. So far, India have already won 21 medals. Another 6 are already confirmed in boxing and with more events coming up, it is expected that tally will go up.


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