Questioner born in the Wardha district of Maharashtra in 1981: When will I be able to move to a new job and where will it be?

As per the data provided, you have a Karka lagna and Tula rashi and running Mercury mahadasha with Ravi antardasha in the main rashi chart. You are likely to get a better job in the next few months. April is a peak time for a job change. This job will be better than the present one in many respects. However, it is advisable that you also get a Rahu-Ketu puja done whenever possible. This helps reduce the ill effects of Rahu on lagna, which can affect different areas of life. Alternatively, do japa of a Durga mantra.

Questioner born in Balod district of Chhattisgarh in 1991: Please provide me astrological guidance for my career prospects as I have been struggling very badly for the last few years, unable to clear even the preliminary exams even though I had studied hard for it.

Taking 6:30 PM as your time of birth from the range you have given, you have Vrishabha lagna and Kanya rashi. You are running Rahu mahadasha and have stepped into Venus antardasha towards the end of last year. Rahu being in the 8th house and weak, coupled with a debilitated lagna lord, will not allow you to concentrate easily. You may find it difficult to complete things that you start, often leaving many things half done. Firstly, if you are trying for competitive exams, you need to realistically evaluate your core strengths and rethink your career choices. Later on in life, you can even try out business.  But highly competitive exams will not be easy for you in the coming times either. Venus needs to be strengthened first. This can be done by a regular worship of Mahalakshmi, or by chanting of mantras related to Venus.

Questioner born in Ballia of Uttar Pradesh in 1980: My wife has an extramarital affair due to which our marital life witnesses discords. Is there any chance of having a harmonious life ahead?

You have Simha lagna with Kanya rashi. In bhava chalita Rahu, Mars and Saturn all have a gaze on your 7th house. Your married life will never be very smooth or enjoyable. Having said that, recently, there has been a change in the antardasha from Saturn to Mercury. This is slightly better. You can try discussing matters clearly with your wife. But beware; you have a tendency to get very confrontational. You may need to curb that. The presence of Jupiter in lagna is, however, a great blessing for you. Every year during the pitri paksa, ensure that all the necessary rituals are performed. And try to worship Lord Shiva daily for some time using simple mantra japa and/or abhiseka on a Shiva Linga. This will be your greatest blessing in all situations of life.

Questioner born in Chennai in 1991: I am going through a tough time in my relationship as my boyfriend isn’t ready to marry me and we have been through a lot of problems. I would like to know about my relationship prospects and marital life. Also, I would like to know the ideal time to get married.

You have a Kumbha lagna and Vrishabha rashi with a strong Jupiter in the 7th house. This is a blessing. Eventually, you will have a good married life experience. However, the problem currently is two-fold. Your Rahu Mahadasha where Rahu is in a very disturbed condition. This will bring sudden obstacles to your path. Given that this is the 8th from your Moon, it will also cause problems. Further, your Mars is in the 8th house, which is a yoga for conflict, particularly in relationships. Towards the end of this year, as Jupiter moves to Vrschika, you have a better chance of marriage. I would strongly recommend that you should do some upayas for Rahu. There is a Rahu-Ketu puja that is done in the Sri Kalahasthi temple near Tipurthi. Do that twice in both Uttarayana and Dakshinayana. Additionally, try and do japas of Rahu or Durga mantra seriously. This will provide a lot of protection from various seen and unseen dangers.