Tuesday 20 April 2021
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PoliticsIndiaCrimes committed more by migrants' children than parents

Crimes committed more by migrants’ children than parents

The study reveals Norwegian-born men with Somali families were 4.6 times more likely to have committed a violent crime in the age group 15-35

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Norway: Statistics Norway conducted a study that revealed that the notion of integration of cultures is merely a fantasy as the children of first-generation immigrants commit more crimes than their parents.

Data collected from the study clearly indicates that Norwegian-born men with Somali families were 4.6 times more likely to have committed a violent crime in the age group 15-35.

Besides, Iraqi men in the same age group were four times more likely to have transgressed the law.

A similar pattern could be seen in Norwegians with Moroccan background (3.2), migrants from Turkey (2.8), and Pakistani Norwegians (2.4).

The right-wing Progress Party in Norway says these figures should move their government to look into the policy of immigration and “make more demands” to find a solution to this problem. Sigmund Book Mohn of Statistics Norway said, “There are significantly higher rates among immigrants for certain types of offences such as mistreatment in close relationships. And significantly lower for other types, such as embezzlement.”

The Progress Party’s integration spokesman Jon Helgheim said this suggests that “integration doesn’t happen automatically over time”.

A total of 443 people, from 2015-2017, were charged with “mistreatment in close relationships”, which included domestic violence and 185 out of the 443 individuals charged were immigrants. This clearly indicates a significant over-representation.

Deputy leader and former Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug, with reference to the problem, said, “We have to stop hushing it down. It is not so that showering them with money and services, which Norway has been good at, solves the problem. We must make more demands and check better whether the integration measures have any effect,” Listhuag and Helgheim said.

A crime statistics report from Statistics Norway that was published in 2017 showed that migrants who were from certain countries were over-represented. During 2010-2013, Iran, Somalia, Iraq and Kosovo were among the countries from where migrants were more related to crimes per capita data. Second-generation migrants, according to the report, were more likely to commit crimes than their parents. However, children of refugees happened to be exceptions.

There has been a sharp rise in the percentage of Norwegians with immigrant backgrounds recently. Around 17% of Norwegians today have their roots abroad.

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