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CPM in Kerala assaults RSS man for sharing news on vaccine irregularities

At around 9:45 PM on 1 August, the CPM goons waylaid RSS worker Thaikeri Prakash while he was driving back to his home

CPM goons attack an RSS activist for sharing a news report on vaccine irregularities in Kerala

Kerala continues to remain one of the states where physical assaults on RSS workers continue unabated. Recently, a bunch of alleged CPM activists attacked an RSS worker in District Nedumkandam in Kerala for his ‘mistake’ of sharing the news of vaccine irregularities in the state on his Facebook account, a report published by Malayalam daily Janmabhumi said. 

The goons were reportedly unhappy with the RSS swayamsevak for disseminating the embarrassing information about anomalies in vaccine distribution under the CPM rule on his Facebook wall. 

(Left) RSS swayamsevak Thaikeri Prakash hospitalised; (Right) News coverage by Janmabhumi

At around 9:45 PM on 1 August, alleged workers of the CPM waylaid RSS worker Thaikeri Prakash while he was driving back home. After he was stopped on the way, the CPM goons attacked his jeep and smashed its windshield. Then the goons stabbed Prakash in his face and arm. 

A day before the incident, a report was published stating that the state government was exploiting vaccine distribution for the ruling CPM’s political gains. Apparently, a 60-year-old man was given a vaccine token with a dubious seal on it. The report accused politicians of using vaccine distribution to promote themselves. 

The RSS swayamsevak shared the report on his Facebook wall, enraging the local communists. A big stir ensued in the region after Prakash posted the report on the said social medium, with people criticising the CPM for the alleged irregularities.

While the police have reportedly arrested the suspected assaulters, the cops believe Prakash was equally responsible for the incident of the violent attack on him.

CPM-RSS turf war in Kerala; enter ISIS

There has been of late a sharp rise in the number of attacks on BJP and RSS workers in Kerala. As Kerala is one of the only remaining communist bastions, the attacks against their opponents in the state have seen a dramatic surge, locals say.

Earlier this year, RSS worker Nandu Krishna had been hacked to death. Alleged SDPI goons assaulted three other people, injuring them grievously. The SDPI is the political outfit of the Islamic organisation Popular Front of India.

In the past few years, Kerala has witnessed a spate of political killings with murders of workers and supporters on either side of the political spectrum. The situation has aggravated after Islamist outfits started gaining popularity in the state. Many youths from Kerala had also joined the Islamic State or ISIS, thanks to an increased influence of Islam in Kerala.


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