Friday 17 September 2021
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CPM hails China on day India achieved record single-day vaccination

The CPM bent over backwards to please its Chinese masters and laud them for administering such vaccines the efficacy of which is doubtful

India reached a milestone by administering more than one crore vaccines does in a single day on 27 August under its nationwide vaccination drive against Covid-19, but the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM) thought the occasion called for hailing its masters in Beijing. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi and politicians cutting across party lines hailed the momentous achievement, the CPM in a tweet lauded China for administering 20 crore vaccines.

The official Twitter account of the Tamil Nadu unit of the CPM posted this day a tweet congratulating China for administering 200 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines to its population. Tamil Nadu CPM shared an infographic having the picture of Chinese Premier Xi Jinping and informing that China has administered a total of 200 million Covid-19 vaccines doses.

“China has achieved the record of vaccinating 200 million doses of its citizens,” read the English translation of the tweet posted in Tamil.

While the CPM went ga-ga in celebrating the milestone of China, it did not react to India’s record of dispensing more than 1 crore doses of efficacious vaccines in a single day, which it achieved yesterday.

The number of Covid-19 vaccine doses administered on 27 August in the country created a record, as the number crossed 1 crore (10 million) for the first time. With this, the total number of Covid-19 vaccine doses given in India has crossed 62 crore, the second-highest in the world after China.

But the official Twitter account of CPM, CPM Tamil Nadu or for that matter CPM patriarch Sitaram Yechury posted no laudatory tweet for the efforts of the healthcare workers, doctors, nurses and hospitals across the country. Through his official Twitter account, Yechury posted a couple of tweets furthering its propaganda against the Modi government.

CPM ignores Chinese vaccine’s questionable efficacy

In June 2021, there were reports of Covid-19 outbreak recrudescence in countries that had already vaccinated their population with Chinese vaccines. Countries like Bahrain, UAE, Mongolia, and Seychelles started witnessing a spike in Covid-19 infections.

The 23 June story on Sirf News

The recent studies from these countries suggest that the Chinese vaccines may not be very effective at preventing the spread of the coronavirus, particularly the new variants, the NYT report said.

China had kicked off its vaccine diplomacy campaign last year with much fanfare and had pledged to provide “safe and effective” vaccines. Though their efficacy data was questioned, transmission, many countries had bought the Chinese-made vaccines.

However, CPM has remained blind to this criticism.

It must be noted that China had claimed to administer 200 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccines in April too. Tamil Nadu CPM shared the questionable statistic on the day when India reached a record of more than 1 crore vaccine doses in a single day.

CPIM leaders participated in event to mark CCP centenary year

Earlier this year, on 28 July, Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Sitaram Yechury, Communist Party of India leader D Raja, Lok Sabha MP S Senthilkumar G Devarajan, Secretary, Central Committee of All India Forward Bloc & Du Xiaolin, Counselor, International Dept, Chinese Communist Party (CPC) participated in an event organised by Chinese Embassy to mark 100 years of the Communist Party of China.

During the keynote speech by Ambassador Weidong, several topics related to the India-China relationship were talked about. Du Xiaolin claimed that China had helped India at a large scale in fighting the pandemic. He also alleged that the workers at Chinese companies worked overtime to meet the procurement needs India had to fight the Wuhan virus.

He further said that the two countries need to “manage the differences” and talked about the face-off between Indian and Chinese troops last year in Galwan Valley. He said, “The rights and wrongs of what happened in the China-India border area last year are very clear. China has made clear its position on many occasions. The two sides have maintained communication through diplomatic and military channels.”

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