Friday 27 January 2023
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PoliticsCOVID: India seals borders; China begins damage-control exercise

COVID: India seals borders; China begins damage-control exercise

Xi Jinping has begun telling world leaders how much China is doing to fight COVID-19 after being accused of a whole lot of wrongdoings

In view of the increasing impact of coronavirus diseases (COVID) in India, the central government has ordered the sealing of the India-Nepal, India-Bangladesh, India- and India-Myanmar international borders. The Ministry of Home Affairs issued a notice in this regard on Saturday. According to the notice, the entry of all the travellers from these countries has been banned, beginning the midnight of 14 and 15 March.

The notice said that the movement of all passengers through the checkpoints had been banned. This rule applies to India-Nepal, India-Bangladesh, India- and India-Myanmar borders. The India-Pakistan border will be closed at 12 PM on Sunday (15 March).


Ban on spitting in public in Gujarat

The Gujarat government has planned to declare spitting in public places a punishable offence to check the possibility of spreading of the COVID. Although no case of COVID has come to light in Gujarat yet, the state government is going to take this pre-emptive measure.

Principal Secretary (Health and Family Welfare) of Gujarat Jayanti Ravi said, ‘We are discussing the proposed prohibition on spitting in public places with collectors, corporators and chief officers of municipalities through video links. We are discussing how to make spitting punishable too.”

Ravi said, “On the basis of the Indian Epidemic Act, 1897, we have issued a notification on Friday to the district collectors and officers like commissioners in urban areas for prevention of COVID-19.

China begins damage-control exercise

After the World Health Organisation announced rather late earlier this week that the novel coronavirus had spread across the world and, therefore, it now qualified as a pandemic, China hosted a conference of more than 50 countries and international organisations on the topic of pandemic prevention.

China answered questions about pandemic prevention at the conference. Attendees scanned the QR code to get the medical content associated with the treatment and prevention plan of the version, the latest accomplishments and prevention experience.

Chinese President called the leaders of several countries like France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, USA, Indonesia, Qatar, Malaysia, Britain, South Korea, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Chile and Cuba to tell them he was fighting the pandemic.

Xi stressed building a common future for the human community and strengthening international cooperation. He said that China would become the world’s power in the prevention of epidemics and will share the plans with other countries. “Different countries of the world together will definitely win the war of epidemic prevention,” he reportedly said.

China is fighting bad press since the outbreak of COVID in December 2019. It is accused of a whole lot of wrongdoings like suppressing the facts of the virus and the diseases it causes, jailing and threatening doctors who spoke the truth, exiling whistleblowers including doctors, creating a biological weapon in laboratories from where the agent leaked, not maintaining hygiene in the Wuhan market and other markets like it in that country, etc.

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