Tuesday 20 October 2020

COVID in last 24 h: Recoveries > new infections

There is assuring news on the nation’s health front. During the last 24 hours, the number of newly recovered patients was more than that of new cases of infection. In the last 24 hours, 60,975 cases of COVID have been reported and 848 people have died ― whereas 66,550 patients recovered. The healthcare administration in the country conducted as many as 9,25,383 sample tests.

According to the Ministry of Health, a total of 31,67,324 cases of COVID have been reported so far in the country. Of these, 7,04,348 active cases, 24,04,585 patients have recovered and 58, 390 patients have died. The recovery rate is close to 76% and the death rate is 1.84%. The recovery rate was 71% last week. So far, a total of 3,68,27,520 sample tests have been conducted in the country.

New COVID cases decline in Delhi, Maharashtra

New cases have come down in Delhi and Maharashtra as compared to previous days. 1,061 new cases have been found in Delhi and 11,015 in Maharashtra. Whereas, for the past few days, more cases were surfacing in both places. On 23 August, Maharashtra reported more than 10,000. So far, Delhi has reported 1,62,527 patients and Maharashtra has reported 6,93,398. The death figures in these states are 4,313 and 22,465 respectively.

Cases are increasing in Uttar Pradesh. There have been 4677 new cases in the state and the total number of infected persons has reached 1,92,382. COVID has killed 2,987 people in the state so far.

Spike in southern India continues

A high rate of COVID cases persists in the states of southern India. Andhra Pradesh has the highest number of 8,601 new cases and the number of infected has reached 3,61,712. More than 1,06,000 infected cases have been reported so far in Tamil Nadu with 5,967 new cases and 3,880 new cases in Telangana and 1,842 new cases.

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