Tuesday 20 October 2020

Covid-19 case average in last 7 days lowest in 5 weeks

In absolute numbers, some 39,000 fewer cases were reported this week as compared to the previous one; the fall was higher last week

Covid-19 infections in India continued to fall for the third straight week, adding to the growing evidence that the pandemic may now be past its peak in the country. At least for now, that is. India recorded just over 5.5% rise in fresh cases during the 28 September-4 October period. This is the lowest tally in five weeks.

The weekly death toll from coronavirus followed a similar trend. The country recorded 7,143 fatalities in the last seven days, the lowest in four weeks. Data collated from state governments shows this was the second straight week of fall after fatalities had peaked at 8,175 during the week of 14-20 September.

The highest number of new cases recorded in India during a week was 6,45,014 in the 7-13 September period. This week’s tally, at 5,50,545, was a 15% drop from the peak and 6.8% lower than the previous week. In absolute numbers, some 39,000 fewer cases were reported this week as compared to the previous one. Last week (21-27 September), the fall was higher at nearly 50,000.

Similarly, this week’s death toll was lower by 511 (6.6%) as compared with the last. The drop was similar in the previous week at 521 (6.4%). Overall, deaths were down nearly 13% this week from the peak seen two weeks earlier.

Yesterday, 77,100 new infections were registered in the country, a slight rise from 75,186 recorded on the previous day. These are the lowest daily numbers reported on any day except Mondays at the end of August. While the long weekend — 2 October, Gandhi Jayanti, was a public holiday — may have played a role in keeping the numbers low, a clearer picture on the scale of the decrease in infections could emerge from Tuesday onwards.

Maharashtra reported 13,702 fresh cases and 326 deaths yesterday. This was the eighth consecutive day that the state had recorded less than 20,000 cases. There were 14,348 infections reported on 3 October. The toll, however, had risen from the previous day’s count of 278. Mumbai continued to record more than 2,000 daily cases, with 2,109 on 4 October, along with 48 fatalities.

However, coronavirus continued to surge in several parts of the country despite the overall dip. Karnataka logged 10,145 fresh cases on 4 October, the third time in a week that the daily tally had exceeded the 10,000-mark. Kerala added as many as 8,553 cases to its overall case count, taking the number of active cases to 84,497 and the test positivity rate to 14.56%. Significantly, the day saw the highest single-day recoveries of 4,851. Among the infected were 99 healthcare workers.

Tamil Nadu recorded 5,489 new Covid-19 cases and 66 deaths yesterday, taking the case tally to 6,19,996 and cumulative toll to 9,784. There are 46,120 people still under treatment for the viral infection. While all districts recorded new cases, five of them had more than 200 cases each. With 1,348 cases, Chennai continued to top the table, followed by Coimbatore (474).

The Covid pandemic has not shown any signs of letting up in Rajasthan’s capital, Jaipur. The city has reported more than 400 cases for the past seven days in a row. In the last 24 hours, the state reported 2,184 cases taking the overall tally to 1,44,030.

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