Monday 24 January 2022
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Coronavirus toll in China 723; 1 American, 1 Japanese among dead

This is the first time foreign nationals have died of diseases caused by the novel coronavirus in China where now nearly 35,000 are infected

The number of people who died of the novel coronavirus in has risen to 723. The number of infected people has risen to 34,598. Foreigners have died in China of the respiratory disease caused by the virus for the first time. The casualty figures include an American woman and a Japanese man, according to the information the health department of China shared on Saturday.

An American woman has died in Wuhan. The US embassy said it had confirmed information of the first alien death by the virus on Saturday. A US embassy spokesperson said that a 60-year-old US citizen died on 6 February at Jinintang Hospital in Wuhan, China. “We offer condolences to the family for their loss,” he said.


The New York Times reported that the American who died was a woman. Citing two people familiar to the patient, it reported that the health condition in had worsened.

The Chinese foreign ministry had previously said that 19 foreign nationals in had been infected with the virus and treated in hospitals. Two of them have since then been released from the hospital once they recovered.


China’s health ministry has not revealed the foreigners’ identities. Earlier reports said that the novel coronavirus had infected four Pakistanis and two Australians.

Meanwhile, Japan’s foreign ministry announced in Tokyo that a Japanese man suffering from pneumonia had died in Wuhan. The ministry on Saturday quoted Chinese medical officials as saying that the 60-year-old man was infected with coronavirus, but the cause of his death was stated to be viral pneumonia.


In fact, the biological agent coronavirus is not a disease but a disease inductor, mostly leading to some respiratory disease in the person infected by the virus. Therefore, the Japanese casualty is still a casualty by the coronavirus.

China’s National Health Commission said on Saturday that 86 people had died due to coronavirus-related diseases in the country’s mainland and 3,399 new cases had been reported in 31 states. There have been 81 deaths in the Hubei province. Two deaths occurred in the Heilongjiang province and one each in Beijing, Henan and Gansu.

The novel coronavirus’s epicentre is in Wuhan, the provincial capital of the Hubei province.


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