Tuesday 7 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaCoronavirus scare: India suspends visas of travellers from 4 countries

Coronavirus scare: India suspends visas of travellers from 4 countries

Coronavirus scare in Noida makes the authority issue notices to 1,000 companies and declare two schools closed temporarily; samples of two children are being examined for infection

Visas for travellers from four countries were suspended on Tuesday amid the ever-increasing panic of the coronavirus pandemic around the world, including India. The government informed that on or before 3 March, regular visas or e-visas issued to citizens of Italy, Iran, South Korea, were suspended who have not entered India.

Two new patients of coronavirus have been found in India on Monday. Sharing this information, the Union Health Ministry said that coronavirus has been confirmed in one patient each in Delhi and Telangana.

Coronavirus cases are rapidly spreading in the world. So far, more than 3,100 people have died of coronavirus worldwide, out of which the figure of the maximum casualty in is believed to be censored. Apart from this, more than 90,000 people are infected with this virus.

South Korea, Italy and Iran have reported many cases of coronavirus infection. According to the local government of East Zhejiang Province, eight citizens of working in one restaurant in the eastern Lombardy region of Italy are infected.

The World Health Organisation has said that it is an infectious disease that has spread due to human beings’ exposure to a new (novel) type of coronavirus and it can be controlled with the right measures. WHO Director-General Tedros Adharom Ghebreyes said that knowing and understanding the epidemic was the first step towards defeating it. He said that the disease could spread as an infected person speaks, coughs or sneezes.

Coronavirus scare in Delhi-NCR

Coronavirus, which is spreading rapidly from to the whole world, has knocked in Delhi. A person who returned to Delhi from Italy has been found to be suffering from a disease caused by the deadly virus. Another person, who was a victim of the virus is currently in Telangana, has returned from Dubai.

Meanwhile, the Karnataka government has called an emergency meeting over the coronavirus. After the outbreak in Delhi, the fear of coronavirus has arisen in Noida. Noida CMO Anurag Bhargava said that samples of two school children had been sent for investigation. He said, “I am sitting in school. The school is being monitored. Till now 40 people have been tested in Noida. Everybody tested negative (meaning, not infected).”

“A sample of five people has been sent for investigation. The report will arrive in two or three hours. Ignore the rumours. We have all the facilities,” the CMO said.

Alert in Noida as coronavirus arrives

The administration seems ready to deal with the threat of Corona in Noida. Bhargava said that more than 1,000 companies of Noida and Greater Noida had been served notices. They have to inform the health department about those who are returning from abroad.

The authority has ordered through this notice a screening of people returning from 13 countries including Iran, Singapore, China.

Two new patients have tested positive for coronavirus in India. One of them is from Delhi and the other is in Telangana. The Delhi patient travelled from Italy while, in Telangana, a patient suffering from coronavirus travelled from Dubai.

The Rajasthan government says that a person in the state is feared to be suffering from coronavirus. He has tested positive.

Earlier, only three cases of coronavirus were reported in India. All the three cases were in Kerala, where the patients were cured after treatment.

Situation in China, Iran, Italy and South Korea

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly all over the world. In countries where there is a large number of patients, the death toll is increasing. In Iran, Japan, South Korea, Italy and now also in the US, an infection of this virus is proving fatal in many cases. The virus originating from has spread to 70 countries.

has reported 42 more deaths due to coronavirus. The number of people who died of this infection in China has increased to 2,912, which may well be a censored figure.

In view of the threat of coronavirus, British Airways has cancelled 216 flights flying from 16 to 28 March.

Chinese health officials said on Monday that the epidemic has killed 3,100 people worldwide and infected over 88,000 people. This deadly infection was first detected in in December last year and it has spread to 70 countries so far. The coronavirus has infected more than 88,000 people, of which there are over 80,000 cases in China alone.

Outside China, the hot spots are Iran, South Korea and Italy. In Iran, 11 more people died of coronavirus-related diseases, taking the death toll to 54. In South Korea, 17 people have died. In Italy, 29 people have lost the battle of life to the deadly virus. Six people have died in the US so far.

The whole world is awash with this creepy virus. Meanwhile, the European Union has raised the danger level from the coronavirus to higher than normal. This virus is continuously spreading in Europe. The tourism industry has become a major victim of the pandemic.

Tourism in India peaks after the exam between 15 March and 1 April. But this time, people are cancelling their travel tickets due to the spread of the virus. According to travel agents, 90% of the bookings have been cancelled.

Cruise bookings in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia have been cancelled outright. The virus spreading like an epidemic has also hit the tourism industry of Delhi-NCR. This industry has incurred a loss of 100 crores so far.

Epicentre a dubious

Meanwhile, a former Israeli intelligence agency official has become the second international agency to allege that China developed the coronavirus in a laboratory where it was preparing biological weapons from it.

The Chinese government is understandably rejecting the allegation outright. According to them, this virus has nothing to do with any lab.

China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said on Sunday that 202 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed on Sunday. After this, the number of infected cases has reached 80,026. The number of new cases is the lowest since 22 January. The Chinese had then started emergency measures, in which the government restricted the movement of the population of Wuhan, the worst affected by the infection, and a population of 5 crore in 17 cities.

In its daily report, the NHC said that there were 42 deaths in Hubei province on Sunday, the capital of which is Wuhan. The report said that 2,912 people have died from this disease in total. Apart from this, 32,652 patients are still under treatment, while 44,462 patients have been discharged from hospital after recovering.

The commission said 715 people are suspected to be infected. 196 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Hubei and its capital Wuhan. The local health commission said that 67,103 cases have been reported in the province and 2,803 people have died, of which 2,227 have died in Wuhan. As of Sunday night, 98 cases were confirmed in and two people died. 10 cases have been confirmed in Macau and 40 cases have been reported in and one person has died.

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