Thursday 3 December 2020
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Coronavirus news from across India: 3-year-old in Kerala infected

Ladakh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Delhi, Telangana, Jammu and Kashmir and Italian citizens in India have tested coronavirus-positive

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Biology Health Coronavirus news from across India: 3-year-old in Kerala infected

A three-year-old child in Kerala, who had recently travelled to Italy, has been found to be coronavirus-infected. The child has been placed in the isolation ward at Ernakulam Medical College.

Kerala had reported the first patient of coronavirus in India

The district medical officer said that the child had reached Kochi from Italy on 7 March with his parents. He was transferred to the medical college after screening at the airport. His parents have been placed in the isolation ward of the medical college too.

After afflicting several countries around the world, the dreaded coronavirus is spreading rapidly in India. So far, 44 cases have been reported in India. Four new cases were reported on Monday.

The good news for India is that the first three patients have now recovered; they have been discharged from the hospital. Sixteen patients out of these returned from Italy.

Kerala and Uttar Pradesh have reported the highest number of cases.

These patients are the same people who have either come from abroad or had come in contact with those coming from abroad.

The health department in India is fully alert in view of deaths due to coronavirus worldwide.

In addition to these 44 people found positive in the COVID-19 test, thousands of people have been placed in the isolation ward. There is a possibility that these suspects may be affected by the coronavirus. At the same time, hundreds of people who had been suspected to have contracted the disease but tested negative have been discharged from hospitals.

The Union Ministry of Health is carrying out an awareness campaign to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (nCOVID-19). The government has urged people to pay special attention to personal hygiene.

The first coronavirus patient was traced in Kerala

The first case of coronavirus in India was reported in Kerala. A medical student from Wuhan, China, was the first patient from Kerala in India, who is now fully recovered.

Recently Kerala has reported five new cases of coronavirus. Thus, the total number of coronavirus patients in Kerala has risen to eight. Some of these patients have recovered.

Hundreds of people have been kept in isolation wards in Kerala for monitoring.

Nine patients of coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh

Agra in Uttar Pradesh has reported six coronavirus cases. Noida and Ghaziabad have reported one case each. Some of the patients found in Agra had returned from Italy and some had come in contact with them.

Apart from the confirmed cases, the authority is monitoring several others suspected to have contracted the virus in Noida, Agra and capital Lucknow.

Hundreds of people exposed to coronavirus patients have taken the COVID-19 test. Many of these patients have been discharged after they tested negative.

16 patients from Italy in India

The number of coronavirus cases reported in India so far has 16 Italian citizens. Italy has witnessed the most deaths after China. Here 233 people have lost their lives due to coronavirus infection.

Apart from these 16 patients, there are many Indians who have returned from Italy and are suffering from coronavirus. All these have been quarantined.

3 cases in Delhi, government on high alert

Delhi has reported three cases of coronavirus. The case report of one suspected patient is awaited.

Schools have shut down indefinitely after a coronavirus case surfaced in Delhi. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that he has instructed officials concerned to make Metro, DTC buses and hospitals free of infection.

Delhi has 168 separate beds in 25 hospitals now for coronavirus patients. The government has appealed to the people of Delhi to inform the government if any person from their family returns from abroad in the last 14 days.

Cases in other places too

So far, Ladakh has reported two cases, Tamil Nadu one and Telangana one as well. Reports of suspects who have been tested in many places are awaited.

In addition to the coronavirus-positive cases, doctors have placed suspects in the isolation ward in Mumbai, Gujarat, Kolkata, Karnataka, Delhi and many places in the country’s financial capital. Those who fear that they may have contracted coronavirus are put through a thorough investigation after which they can socialise again.

Karnataka this evening confirmed the first positive case of coronavirus. The state government declared a holiday for all primary schools in Bengaluru Urban and Bengaluru Rural districts to contain the outbreak.

Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar confirmed the development late in the evening, hours after the schools declared holidays. A major consulting company sent home more than 10 employees who were living in a neighbourhood near the school.

Thermal screening at airports and ports

Major airports and ports of the country now have thermal screening facilities to check whether people coming from abroad are infected. Those suspected to be infected are taking blood tests.

Patients are not allowed to meet anyone when they test positive because doing otherwise may spread the virus. There are health department teams at almost all major airports. The government has stopped many types of imports from China.

Increased demand for masks and sanitisers

With the coronavirus outbreak in the country, the demand for hand sanitizer, the N-95 and three-layer masks has increased to a great extent. Doctors advise that infection can be avoided by repeatedly washing hands and staying away from suspected patients.

Masks and sanitisers are selling in black in the market.

Total coronavirus cases in India

Ladakh: 2
Tamil Nadu: 1
Uttar Pradesh: 9
Kerala: 9
Delhi: 4
Telangana: 1
Jammu: 1
Karnataka: 1
Italian citizens in India: 16

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