Monday 25 October 2021
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Corona ration kit is a scam, alleges Kapil Mishra

Either the Delhi government is clueless about the source of this food or the ration kit is a scam to benefit shady firms, Kapil Mishra alleged


Last month, it was reported that Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal had announced a ‘Corona Ration Kit’ for the people in the wake of increasing cases of COVID in the country. BJP leader and former AAP Kapil Mishra now alleges that was all a scam.

Mishra says while the Kejriwal government has been promoting itself via advertisements on newspapers and electronic media, claiming that the state administration is feeding 10 lakh people every day, Kejriwal has no information where this food is being produced, where it is coming from and how the so-called Corona Ration Kit is made.

The reports in April claimed that the Delhi government had already been distributing free ration to the people, but the corona kit was a new package over and above the existing provisions of the city-state government.

Kejriwal had said at the time that due to the lockdown, the poor have lost their means of livelihood. The government supply of rice and wheat alone was not enough, the Delhi chief minister had said, explaining the need for his corona kit. He had said when the ration for another month would be distributed from 28-29 April, every family would get a kit with the rationed supply. It will contain things like edible oil, chickpeas, sugar, salt, turmeric, spices, soap.

Mishra has alleged that the Delhi government supplied just 1% of the rationed food and it was not free. The money on the rationed supply was instead spent on this kit, the former alleged.

Sharing an image of a stock of the Corona Ration Kit, Mishra asked why the Kejriwal government was benefiting little known brands like Chancellor Oil, Tadka Salt and Munshi Haldi with people’s money.

The former said these brands had never been heard of before until the Delhi government started promoting them.

Mishra asked why the makers of these packages of edibles should get people’s money worth crores.

The Kejriwal government has long been associated with scams like giving contracts to the chief minister’s acolytes, jobs to companies made by workers of the AAP and adulterating products of known brands with spurious copies.

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