Sunday 9 May 2021
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Congress, with empty coffers, desperate to return to power: PM Modi in Assam

Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed today that the coffers of the Indian National Congress (INC), which has been steadily shrinking in different parts of the country, are now empty. He said this was the reason India’s oldest political party wanted “desperately” to return to power at any cost to fill its treasury again. “To that end,” Modi said, “they are ready for any compromise.”

Addressing an election rally in Golaghat in favour of the candidates of the BJP-led NDA, the prime minister said, “When the Congress governments were at the Centre as well as the state, Assam was completely ignored and the people of the state got no reprieve from misrule anywhere.”

The prime minister said that Assam was moving fast on the path of development under the BJP rule due to the “double engine” government at the centre as well as the state.

The prime minister said, “Now the work on highways is going on at double the previous capacity because the state government and the central government as well are connecting Assam with the rest of the country. Now the pace of infrastructure growth has doubled too, as the state government, as well as the central government, is involved in development works. Now schemes like providing a roof over every head and water supply to every house are being executed at double the previous speed. “

The prime minister said that the NDA government under the leadership of the BJP was moving ahead with the mantra of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas“, “but today’s Congress leaders only lust after power, by whatever means they get it”.

The prime minister said, “Actually, the Congress coffers are now empty. They need power at any cost to fill the party treasury. The seat of power is all that the Congress wants. This is their business. They have neither leadership nor vision.”

Referring to the promise of five guarantees made in the INC manifesto, the prime minister said that those who ruled Assam for more than 50 years were giving guarantees to the people of the state. He said that the people of Assam are aware of the antecedents of the party that ruled the state previously.

Modi said, “Congress is given to making false promises, making false declarations. Congress means a guarantee of false manifesto. Congress means a guarantee of confusion. Congress means a guarantee of instability. Congress means a guarantee of bombs, guns and blockades. Congress means violence and a guarantee of separatism. Congress means a guarantee of corruption and scams.”

The prime minister appealed to the people of the state to keep the INC away and said that the party, which describes itself as secular, befriends parties based on sects in Assam, West Bengal and Kerala.

The prime minister said, “They (the INC) don’t see anything other than power. They are campaigning against such parties in West Bengal with whom they have alliances in Jharkhand, Bihar and Maharashtra. In Kerala, the Congress is opposed to the left parties but they have embraced the left in the hope of regaining the seat of power in West Bengal. That is why no one trusts the Congress in the country now.”

The prime minister said that in the last five years, the NDA had given a fresh impetus to the development of Assam, “and this time every vote that the NDA candidates get will be a vote for the rapid development of Assam”.

The prime minister said, “Power staying with the NDA will give energy to the self-reliance to Assam. The industry will further swell with employment opportunities here.”

In Assam, the BJP is contesting in an alliance with the Asom Gana Parishad and the United People’s Party Liberals (UPPL) while the INC has forged electoral ties with the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) led by MP Badruddin Ajmal.

In West Bengal, the INC has an alliance with the communist parties and the Abbas Siddiqui’s Indian Secular Front. In Kerala, it is with the Muslim League.

The prime minister said, “When the Congress ruled Assam, people used to worry how to save the state from plunder and restore lasting peace in this state, which has been in turbulent for decades.” He said, “Today, under the reign of the NDA, Assam is moving ahead with its full potential and scaling new heights. Today, peace has been established in Assam, stability is the norm now.”

The prime minister accused the INC government of the past of going soft on poachers that killed rhinoceroses. He said it was the BJP government that put poachers behind bars.

Modi said, “Our priorities are clear. Conservation of forest area along with animals. As a result of this, the forest area of ​​Assam has increased in the last five years.”

The prime minister accused the INC of politicisation of the tea business and said that the opposition party never did anything for the tea growing community.

The prime minister said, “The NDA is committed to giving a life of dignity and self-respect to the tea-producing tribe and the great dignitaries emanating from this tribe. The Assam government is very serious about increasing the daily wages of labourers working in tea gardens. “

The prime minister said, “The matter is in court and there are some problems because of it, but as soon as the NDA government is in place again, we will settle the matter expeditiously.”

Describing petroleum and its related industries as the great power of Assam, the prime minister said that the INC had been sitting pretty on this power of the state for decades rather than harnessing it for the country.

“In the last six years, Assam has received more than Rs 40,000 crore only in the oil and gas sector,” the prime minister added.

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