Friday 27 May 2022
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Cong will form govt with two-third majority in Meghalaya: CP Joshi

Shillong: Maintaining that there is no space for ’s ideology in Meghalaya, AICC General Secretary here on Wednesday said that the Congress party would once again form the Government with a two-thirds majority in the state.

Joshi, who was in Shillong for three days, downplayed the recent desertions of a large number of sitting Congress MLAs saying politicians often change their parties before the elections which is not a new phenomenon.

Explaining the process of ticket distribution in Congress, Joshi said, the party had a system where the Pradesh Election Committee recommended the names of the candidates, which were then considered by the Screening Committee.

At the last stage, the names of the candidates will be considered by the Central Election Committee. “We are hopeful that the names of the candidates will be announced before the nomination date,” he said.

Joshi also denied the allegations that the party was finding it tough to get candidates saying the party has received a large number of applications and they are winning candidates.

On being asked about ’s claims of forming the Government here, Joshi said, “BJP can see Mungerilal ke Sapne and added that there is no space for BJP’s ideology in Meghalaya.

is poaching candidates from other parties and trying to form the Government,” he said while adding that Congress does not consider BJP as well as other political parties like NPP and others as a potential threat.

The Congress leader added that NPP was working for a hand in glove with and regional parties here were part of North East Democratic and they were directly or indirectly supporting BJP.

The former minister also slammed the Union Government over its sudden decision of allotting Rs 70 crore projects to churches here in Meghalaya.

“Government without any recommendation from the State took suo moto and gave a package to Meghalaya and they know how important is Meghalaya from the perspective of tourism but why Government at the centre took more than four years to realise it,” Joshi said.

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