Thursday 19 May 2022
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Congress President adds one more gaffe to his list of embarrassing social blunders

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Congress President adds one more gaffe to his list of embarrassing social blunders, calls Kumbharam as ‘Kumbhakarna’ in Alwar.

On Tuesday, Union Minister Piyush Goyal shared a on the micro-blogging site Twitter, in which Rahul Gandhi is seen making a gaffe while delivering a scripted speech in Alwar. In the video he ends up calling ‘Kumbharam Lift Yojana’ as ‘Kumbhkaran Lift Yojana’. BJP Minister Piyush Goyal remarked that Kumbharkarna used to sleep for only six months while Congress party kept sleeping for sixty years and kept the country from developing.

Here’s the link to the BJP Minister’s tweet:

Kumbharam Lift Yojana is named after parliamentarian Chaudhary Kumbhakaram Arya, a freedom fighter and a and farmer leader in Rajasthan. Kumbhakarna is a demon from the Hindu epic Ramayana, the younger brother of demon King Ravana, known to have slept for 6 months at a stretch, suffering a curse on account of mispronunciation while performing a penance to seek boon.

Rahul Gandhi has a history of making social gaffes while delivering written speeches in Hindi, addressing the rallies. In the past, he has confused ‘bhrashtaachaar’ with ‘Balaatkaar’, spoke about ‘Aloo Ki factory’ during a rally in Firozabad, made absurd analogies to mock PM Modi by saying that the founder of Coca-cola was a ‘Shikanji seller’ and that of Mc Donald’s ran a ‘dhaaba’. During his speech he has also spoken about how his mother Mrs. Sonia Gandhi once woke him up at 1 AM and said, ”This morning, I got up at night”.

The list of his hilarious slips is a long one. Apart from referring to Karnataka govt.’s subsidized service Indira canteen as ‘Amma’ canteen, which is a food provider in Tamil Nadu, referring to Steve Jobs from ‘Microsoft’, saying that Dalits needed ‘Escape Velocity of Jupiter’ to improve circumstances, he has embarrassed his party by hugging the wrong person during a photo-op at Una during his visit in Gujarat.

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