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India Elections Congress embarrassed by Sam Pitroda, says 'views personal'

Congress embarrassed by Sam Pitroda, says ‘views personal’

PM Narendra Modi, BJP president Amit Shah and FM Arun Jaitley strongly criticized the statement of Sam Pitroda


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New Delhi: Rajiv Gandhi’s confidante and head of the overseas wing of the Congress Sam Pitroda has said that Pakistan could not be blamed entirely for the Pulwama terror attack. He questioned the Balakot air strikes and had lobbied for talks with Pakistan.

This gave the BJP an opportunity to launch an all-guns-blazing attack on Congress. Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress and its president Rahul Gandhi for Pitroda’s statement. All BJP leaders including BJP president Amit Shah and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley condemned the statement.

The PM said that the people of the country will never forgive those who tried to reduce the value of the Army by giving such a statement that supports terrorists.

Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala tried to douse the fire by saying that Pitroda’s statement is not the official statement of the Congress.

Surjewala was at pains to control the damage. He put up three tweets to make his point at a time when different survey reports are suggesting that India’s decisive, retaliatory airstrike on Pakistan-sponsored terror has soared up PM Modi’s approval rankings in the country.

Surjewala wrote, “INC has unequivocally said-:

Pulwama Terror Attack was a grave National Security failure of Modi Govt,

Balakot Air Strike was a shining example of valour of our Airforce,

Pakistan’s terror outfits like JEM, LET & others will never succeed in their evil design.

Surjewala wrote further, “2/3 Truth also is –

  1. Modiji was busy shooting films in Corbett Park & speech as Nation mourned Pulwama martyrs,

  2. Modi Govt was clueless as RDX, MI Carbines & Rocket Launchers were smuggled in to be used in Pulwama,

  3. BJP Govt released Masood Azhar & other terrorists.”


He concluded by saying, “3/3
Modiji & BJP should stop using an individual’s personal opinion to spread venom!

Instead of hiding behind the sacrifice of our armed forces, PM must answer to Nation on-
Jobs crisis,
Agrarian distress,
Demo & GST disasters &
Economic downturn.”

Not to be outdone, the BJP has continued to question the nationalistic credentials of the Congress.

Earlier, while inducting cricketer Gautam Gambhir into the BJP, Jaitley addressed a press conference where he called Pitroda the guru of Gandhi. He asked what better could be expected from a disciple whose master is like this.

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