Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Congress, AAP instigated migrant labourers during lockdown: PM Modi

The PM, after attacking the Congress, accused the AAP government of asking slum dwellers to go home amid Covid-19, which spread the pandemic

“During the first wave, when people were asked to stay where they were, Congress instigated migrants to leave Mumbai. It gave tickets to go from Mumbai to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. You created a ruckus,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi thundered in the Lok Sabha today in his reply to the Motion of Thanks, addressed to President Ram Nath Kovind’s speech for the budget session.

The Delhi government went to slums and told migrants to go home amid the Covid pandemic. It resulted in the spread of Covid-19,” the prime minister said. This issue happened to be raised by senior advocate Amitabh Sinha for the first time through his article in Sirf News.

“The Congress Party has crossed all limits in this time of Covid-19. During the first wave, when people were following lockdowns, were suggesting that people stay where they are, the Congress was standing at Mumbai Station and scaring innocent people,” Prime Minister Modi said.

The prime minister also condemned the INC’s non-cooperation with the government on issues that were dear to Mohandas K Gandhi. “Some people were waiting that the virus will destroy the image of Modi. If we are talking about being ‘vocal for local’, are we not fulfilling the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi? Then, why was it being mocked by the opposition? We talked about Yoga and Fit India but that was mocked by the opposition too,” Prime Minister Modi said in the parliament.

“Why can’t you join this movement? Spread Gandhi ji‘s mission? You don’t want his dream to be realised,” the prime minister appealed.

Then he made a prophecy. “The way you behave, it seems you are not coming back to power for 100 years,” the prime minister said about the future electoral prospects of India’s oldest political party.

“We are firm believers in democracy. And, we also believe that criticism is an essential part of democracy. But, blind opposition to everything is never the way ahead,” Prime Minister Modi counselled.

“Somewhere the opposition’s needle is stuck in 2014. You should come out of this. The public knows it, they have recognised,” the prime minister said. Reiterating that the INC ruled the country for 50 years, he said, “This place [the parliament] should be used for the country. But you used it for party politics and now we are bound to reply to you.”

“It’s not about election results, it’s about the intention of the Congress. So many elections you lost still your arrogance doesn’t go. Your ecosystem doesn’t let your arrogance go,” Prime Minister Modi said.

The counterattack of the prime minister, it seemed, became all the more trenchant as INC Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury was interrupting him while Modi said, “In the past years, this country has grown in many areas that are related to basic amenities. These programs existed earlier but now the speed with which schemes are being implemented.”

“Villagers are proud that they have toilets now. Who is not happy?” the prime minister said.

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