Thursday 5 August 2021
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Companies in Jharkhand to be penalised if workers don’t get off on election day

29 April and 6 May have to be declared as holidays, failing which a private company in an election area will have to cough up Rs 5,000

[pullquote]1. Companies in Chatra, Lohardaga and Palamu must have their offices closed on 29 April

2. Firms in Kodarma, , Pagti and Hazaribagh will remain closed on 6 May

3. 12 and 19 May, which are the other election days, are Sundays

4. These are paid leaves

5. Even workers who are normally not supposed to work on these days will get paid for this day

6. Penalty to be levied on a company for non-compliance: Rs 5,000 + other punishments[/pullquote]

Ranchi: During the Lok Sabha election, workers of all companies in parliamentary areas of Jharkhand will have to be given off days on the days of polling. All government offices, public establishments in the respective areas of an election will be closed.

On 29 April, establishments in Chatra, Lohardaga and Palamu will be closed. On 6 May, it will be the turn of Kodarma, Ranchi, Pagti and Hazaribagh. On 12 May, voting will be held in Giridih, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur and Singhbhum parliamentary constituencies. Rajmahal, Dumka and Godda constituencies will vote on 19 May.

While 12 and 19 May is Sundays, the other days mentioned above are mandatory holidays.

The notification from the Department of Personnel to the effect was issued on 29 March.

Under another order, all private companies, shops, industrial undertakings etc will have to give their workers off days on the respective days of voting so that they can exercise their franchise. The companies are not allowed to deduct salaries for these days.

Even such workers would be entitled to wages who are otherwise not supposed to be employed on these days — as per the government order.

On not complying with this provision, the establishments concerned will have to pay a penalty of up to Rs 5,000. Other punishments could follow.

The incumbent governments at the Centre and the of Jharkhand are both that of the -led NDA.

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