Wednesday 26 January 2022
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Communist-Islamist Bioterrorism Merits Befitting Response

Teach China a lesson not just by boycotting the communist regime's exports, which WTO will object to, but by an international embargo of the type Iraq was subjected to


Amitabh Sinha
Lawyer at the Supreme Court of India, educationist heading colleges of different universities

The nationwide lockdown to check the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID) has been extended by more than two weeks up to 3 May. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made this announcement today in his address to the nation. The chief ministers of all states had consensually given this message to the prime minister who was himself not in favour of ending the lockdown on 14 April, as he had announced earlier — going by what he had told the parliament and reiterated before union ministers. However, India was a rare country that had given the global pandemic a good fight. The objective behind the lockdown — to break the chain of infection — would have been by the end of this week if not a cult of jihadi Muslims going by the name of Tablighi Jamaat had aggravated the crisis by wantonly assembling, along with Muslims from virus-infested foreign countries, in thousands at the Nizamuddin Markaz of Delhi for a fortnight in March, spread to different states, gone absconding and spreading the contagion among the population at large, not restricted to Muslims alone. As of last week, 1,445 cases of COVID were linked to the jamaat that reduced the period of doubling of the spread of the contagious disease from 7.4 days to 4.1 days. Before this, China had made use of every trick up its sleeve to mislead the world about the biological agent. The evidence of its conspiracy has come out in so many forms that the pretentious innocence of the communist regime of Beijing now has no buyers in the comity of nations.

Just for a week or two after the world came to know of the outbreak in Wuhan of the Hubei province, China could get away with the excuse that the virus came from the consumption of meat. Even if it came from snakes or bats, they were humans — scientists working for the government of China — who introduced it to the animal kingdom. Once Free Asia’s investigative journalism unearthed the fact that China’s P4 laboratory was preparing for biological warfare, it was naïve of the world to presume that the agent could only be fired using a conventional weapon. The British intelligence agencies found out that the virus did not actually leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology but was introduced to the meat market in collaboration with the Wuhan Centre for Disease Control that is just about 5 km away.

By the time of this revelation, three or more doctors who had unassumingly spoken the truth about COVID had been persecuted, one of whom, Dr Li Wenliang, died in police custody. A Chinese businessman in exile, Guo Wengui, had disclosed that the actual toll of COVID was exponentially higher than what Beijing was conceding and the second-largest company of China, Tencent, had suffered a data leak, which corroborated the allegation of the businessman. If the charges levelled on China by senators in the US are dismissed as diatribes of politicians, even the venerable science journal The Lancet said the communist state was lying.

The two set of facts above, when considered together, make it clear it was a communist ploy of China to establish its supremacy by the devastation of the developed economies of the world. Nothing else explains why

  •  China’s political capital Beijing, just 1152.1 km away from Wuhan stayed unaffected by the pandemic
  •  China’s industrial capital Shanghai, just 839.5 km away from the epicentre, was not infected
  •  A closer fellow communist country of North Korea, which shares its borders with China was not affected but a distant, democratic South Korea, which is separated from China by North Korea, was
  •  China’s President Xi Jinping hardly observed social distancing and yet he did not contract the disease

With this calculated unleashing of coronavirus, China brought the worldwide economy to a standstill while itself recovering by March. Now the world will have to import heavily from China even if it does not want to because manufacturing units everywhere are under lockdown. China no longer needs to rely on its sole USP of cheaper goods to dump its trash on the world. Buying from China is now a compulsion.

Communist commander, Islamist footsoldiers

To execute this devilish strategy, the communists employed the jamaat as its footsoldiers. But why should one limit it to an organisation? Initially, when a few media houses broke stories of Chinese, Italian and Iranian Muslims hiding in the Kurji mosque of Patna, non-jamaat Muslims dismissed it as fake news. When reports like “Tablighi Jamaat spreads coronavirus across India” were published, Muslims not affiliated to the jamaat accused the media of a hate campaign. In the meantime, mosques across the country saw mass prayers, thumbing a nose at the authority that kept pleading with the community to stay home and desist from subjecting the whole population to a grave health hazard.

The sinister but coordinated attack on Indian public health could have gone unnoticed if the Tabligh Jamaat members had not got stuck due to the lockdown. Note that the markaz did not make news when the event was happening; it surfaced when they got stuck in the lockdown.

Finally, when the jamaat people were apprehended and quarantined, the plot of their communist masters in Beijing risked getting unravelled. Desperate, they assaulted policemen and health workers, defecated at the isolation wards, stripped before nurses and abused all so that they are released.

This bioterrorism by Chinese communist masters and their Islamist servants deserves a befitting response from the world that has paid too heavy a price in the greed to get labour for their industries cheap. The easier part in the fightback is an end to imports from China. The harder part for the West, especially the United States, is to withdraw its humongous investment in China. But several nations and their companies are already talking shifting base to India, Taiwan, Singapore, etc, which implies that the harder part has been taken care of first.

What is needed to teach the Chinese a lesson is an economic embargo of the type that Iraq was subjected to before and during the two Gulf Wars. As the worst COVID-hit countries, members states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) must come together with the US to impose this blockade on bioterrorist China for its attack on humanity. If it’s not a complete, international blockade, China may wriggle out of the situation by moving the World Trade Organisation (WTO) against any one country that boycotts Chinese goods.

Here, India must get over its traditional shyness to act decisively. Indians cannot lose sight of the possibility that China collaborated not only with Pakistan but also with Malaysia with which it held a conference on 12 March. While India was fighting the virus well till the time sporadic travellers were arriving from China to Maharashtra and Kerala, the unleashing of the Tablighi Jamaat opened the viral floodgates.

As such, even before this national health crisis, India was becoming a virtual colony of China, thanks to the market flooded by Chinese goods. But as argued above, the WTO would come in the way if just one country were to try to stop Chinese exports to its soil. So, it is in India’s economic as well as strategic interest to stonewall Chinese economic imperialism. To make its communist northern neighbour a pariah, India must enter an axis with the US and Japan that the Donald Trump administration has been so eager to see since its inception.

In the domestic circuit, the reckless, unruly bioterrorists have to be dealt a blow in the language they understand. Here, the political correctness of separating the Tablighi Jamaat from the rest of the community betrays the ostrich mentality, which India must get over.

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Vijaya Dar
Vijaya Dar
1 year ago

A befitting reply to China would be an international embargo against its goods, as you have rightly stated. The problem as far as India is concerned, is the attitude of 20% of our population and the support it gets from most opposition parties and Mainstream Media. It doesn’t help when we put blinkers on our eyes and are shy of calling them by their names. What is this “single source” nonsense by which we refer to the TJ conclave in Nizamuddin? This political correctness has to stop. Along with the embargo against China we need a crackdown against the TJ and similar obscurantist organizations. The leaders who encourage them in their loutish behavior need to be identified and incarcerated; their institutions shut down. Covid has provided us with an opportunity to clean this cesspool. It cannot be wasted in pursuit of an illusory Ganga-Jamuni utopia that exists in the dreamscapes of our political leaders.


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