Saturday 10 April 2021
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CrimeColin Gonsalves received Rs 50 crore from European churches to defend anti-CAA...

Colin Gonsalves received Rs 50 crore from European churches to defend anti-CAA rioters

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The Legal Rights Observatory has exposed yet another instance of external forces affecting the law and order situation in the country in trying to damage the nation’s integrity. The LRO in a report says an NGO called Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) led by activist Colin Gonsalves had received Rs 50 crore from four European churches for defending anti-CAA rioters and activists legally in courts, The Organiser has reported.
The LRO, in a series of tweets, has brought to light the nexus between the church abroad and activists like Colin Gonsalves in India who work on the Christian mission.

Colin Gonsalves had grabbed news headlines by employing witch-hunting tactics against Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the 2002 Gujarat riots. It turns out he was also one of the brains behind the anti-CAA riots across India. “Now, with the latest revelation by LRO, it is affirmed that the church and NGOs are hand-in-glove to create unrest in India,” The Organiser says. The Christian organisations funded HRLN as patrons of its “Socio-Legal Information Centre’, the task of which was to defend the rioters in courts.
The church denominations that the LRO has found HRLN funding for unrest in India are Bread for the World Germany (Protestant), DKA Austria (Catholic), MISEREOR (German Catholic), Karuna TrustUK (Dalit- Buddhist) INCLO (13 NGOs) and the Belgium HQ European Commission.

The HRLN on its website declares that its lawyers have represented stone pelters, rioters, arsonists and criminal elements involved in anti-CAA riots across the country in different courts of law. The HRLN had defended the Delhi riot accused Safura Zargar among others. The LRO cites FCRA Section 12A(4)(V)(VI) and 12(4B) 1,2,3,6, which activists like Colin Gonsalves have violated by taking money from overseas destinations to foment trouble in this country.
The LRO has written to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs in this regard and has sought arrest and prosecution of Colin Gonsalves and other directors of HRLN  by invoking UAPA against them. 

Modus operandi of Colin Gonsalves

The tweets of LRO say that the way the nexus to defend anti-CAA rioters through HRLN works. The Colin Gonsalves-led HRLN appoints retired SC judges as directors to manipulate, influence justice in its favour in various litigations in the high courts. The HRLN adopts the same method to defend the POCSO-accused in Delhi HC and forced the judge to make National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) and its chairperson personally a party for the order passed by the Commission, says LRO.
This proves, the LRO wrote on Twitter, that HRLN has committed a serious act of sedition by accepting crores from Church groups to fuel unrest, riot and anarchy in India using CAA as an alibi. This is a fit case to invoke UAPA against Colin Gonsalves and other rabble-rousing heads as well as the retired judges who were on their payrolls. They have to be arrested and prosecuted, demands LRO in its complaint letter to the Union Home Ministry.

Details of funds HRLN received

The LRO has tweeted the details of the church denominations that funded HRLN, along with details such as the time of transaction, addresses, purpose, date of credit and the amounts. Some of the text images are as follows.

Colin Gonsalves 1 i
Colin Gonsalves 2 i
Colin Gonsalves 3 i
Colin Gonsalves 4 i
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