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CNN’s New York offices evacuated over bomb threat

The network's New York studios were evacuated in October after a man sent an explosive device to the network. Another device addressed to the news giant's headquarters in Atlanta was intercepted at a postal facility


New York: CNN’s New York studio was evacuated Thursday night in the middle of a live programme following a phoned-in bomb threat, according to the news network.

The threat came Thursday night when a caller indicated there were five devices in the building, according to a law enforcement source.

Several fire alarm bells rang inside CNN’s New York newsroom, signalling an evacuation after the call was received shortly before 10 pm, the company’s security said.

Staffers evacuated the CNN New York offices in the Time Warner Center building and Don Lemon’s “CNN Tonight,” which had been on a commercial break, was taken off the air.

The network temporarily went to taped programming for about half hour before going live from the street while police investigated.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) said that about 10:07 PM “a bomb threat was called into the Time Warner Center & the building was evacuated.” The surrounding area, which includes the studios and a number of shops, was shut down.

An all-clear was confirmed just before midnight after the NYPD conducted a floor-by-floor sweep of the building.

“Out of the abundance of caution, 25 Columbus Circle was evacuated,” the NYPD wrote on one of its official Twitter accounts at 11:54 PM.

CNN confirmed in a statement that a bomb threat had been called into its New York offices and employees had been evacuated.

The network’s New York studios were evacuated in October after a man sent an explosive device to the network. Another device addressed to the news giant’s headquarters in Atlanta was intercepted at a postal facility.

CNN Crime and Justice reporter Shimon Prokupecz and some of his other colleagues speculated that the NYPD had such a large response because the network has been a target of anti- invective.

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