Friday 2 December 2022
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Church man caught red-handed in Varanasi offering Rs 50,000 each to Hindus to convert

A church operator in Varanasi has been accused of converting gullible Hindus with allurements. Hindus of the city have urged the police to lodge an against the church operator in Babatpur at the Phulpur police station. The police have assured the complainants they will take action as per their findings. 

The complainants, Jagran Manch and Dharma Jagran Seva, alleged that the church operator used to woo people to turn Christians in exchange for Rs 50,000 each. The Hindu organisations caught the church operator red-handed, handed him over to the police and lodged a complaint for an against the church operator.

At Babatpur, Jagran Manch activist Gaurish Singh and Dharma Jagran Seva’s Manoj Singh, the complainants, said they had caught the red-handed today and informed the police. 

The activists said 12 days ago, three youths Vaibhav Singh, Arvind Singh and Pradeep Kumar Singh of Varanasi were lured with Rs 50,000 each to become Christians. The church operator residing in the of Thana Phulpur, Barwan, had made the offer to these men. 

Church conspiracy

The Babatpur church operator paid Rs 2,000 to the youths in advance. On 16 October, today, they reached the Sagunaha Church in Babatpur and caught the in the act, they claimed.

The targeted youths cooperated with Jagran Manch and Dharma Jagran Seva activists when Gaurish Singh and Manoj Singh reached the spot and thus the conversion exercise was stopped even as some women, apparently affiliated with the church, challenged the Hindu activists, as seen in the video above.

In the video, members of the two organisations show Christian literature used for conversions. A register is visible on the spot, in which many names etc. are noted down — perhaps of Hindus who have converted already or are expected to convert soon.

Empty chairs are seen in the church and some people are heard arguing among themselves. IG of the Varanasi range directed Varanasi rural police to take action. In Varanasi Police responded by initiating an investigation and promise of subsequent action by the police station of Phulpur.

The church operator and his family said such "interference in religious work" was unprecedented in the town.

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