Thursday 26 May 2022
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Christian woman accuses husband of detaining her in Islam theological centre

The Muslim husband and his family moved the sessions court, seeking anticipatory bail to avoid arrest, claiming they were falsely implicated by the Christian woman

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As a reminder of the fact that “love jihad” was originally a coinage by Christians of Kerala, and not a Hindu concoction, a 20-year-old Christian woman has come out against her husband and family in-law for allegedly detaining her in an Islam theological centre at Ponnani for 40 days to make her convert to Islam. The woman complained to the Pothanikad police station against the husband Aslam, 33, of Kothamangalam, and his family members charging them with dowry harassment, wrongful confinement, and insulting modesty of a woman.

The police registered a case on 7 December 2021, based on the complaint of the Christian woman. Though her husband and his family members moved the sessions court here seeking anticipatory bail to avoid arrest in the incident, saying that they were falsely implicated in the case, the court on 10 January rejected the husband’s plea while granting bail to family members.

As per the FIR, the Christian woman was forcibly taken to the centre at Ponnani and was detained there for over 40 days without allowing her to go outside or contact others. She said that when she escaped and reached her husband’s house, she was subjected to mental and physical torture.

“A probe is on. A preliminary report was filed in the court when the anticipatory bail was taken up for hearing. The woman has raised a lot of allegations against the family,” said a senior police officer. 

Police said the Christian woman and the Muslim man, who were in love, got married at the Pothanikkad sub-’s office on 11 November 2019, based on the assurance that both of them could live together following their own religious beliefs.

“The prosecution records would clearly reveal the diabolic physical, mental and emotional torture of the complainant at the instance of the accused right from the very inception of her marriage with him. It is seen that the complainant was subjected to deplorable sexual harassment by the accused,” observed Additional Sessions Judge G Girish in the order. 

“The allegation levelled by the complainant that the accused used to share his bedroom scenes with the complainant to his friends is a sort of extreme emotional torture which no could bear. In addition to that, the allegation against the accused that he coerced the complainant to abdicate her religious beliefs and to embrace another religion, would reveal that the complainant had to suffer mental torture of severe nature,” the judge observed.

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