Sunday 23 January 2022
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Christian arrested for dropping used condoms in others’ places of worship

The Christian man is mentally sound and literate, fully aware of the implications of his acts of desecration, police told reporters after his arrest

Police in Mangaluru, Karnataka, on 29 December arrested a Christian man in connection with several cases of somebody dropping condoms in the collection boxes of temples, mosques, gurudwaras and other places of worship in and around Mangaluru.

The arrested person has been identified as Devdas Desai (62), a resident of Kotekar. Police from the Mangaluru South station have arrested this Christian man.

According to reports in the local media outlets, a condom was found in the collection box of Koragajja Temple in Nandigudda on 28 December. While interrogating the dubiously named Desai in the case, the police learnt that he had committed similar mischiefs in 18 other places of worship.

The Christian man hails from Hubballi but has been residing in Mangaluru for the last 24 years, police said.

Desai dropped condoms in temples, mosques, and gurudwaras in Mangaluru and the outskirts of the city apparently to spite other communities and also induce in them a sense of disgust for their own respective belief systems, the police came to know while interrogating the Christian man.

At least five temples in Mangaluru had filed FIRs on finding used condoms inside the holy premises. The police struggled initially to trace the miscreant. But after a used condom was found inside a donation box at a temple in Korajjana Katte village on 27 December, the man was identified and arrested.

The particular temple management complained to the police about the incident. Cops checked CCTV footage from the temple and nearby areasand they saw the man dropping something in the donation box and leaving the place.

While being interrogated, the Christian man confessed that he had desecrated several temples in a similar manner on purpose.

“Five cases were registered at various police stations where used condoms were thrown in different temple premises in Mangaluru. With the help of the CCTV footage, our team managed to the accused,” Mangaluru Police Commissioner N Shashikumar said. The police said shared his identity with the press thereafter.

“Since his father’s days, the family has been practising Christianity. He left his wife and child many years ago and is not in touch with them. He is an ardent Christian,” Commissioner Shashikumar added. Police said that Desai desecrated religious places of other religions to make people follow his religion.

The suspect used to work as an autorickshaw driver but had left the job due to old age. He has been collecting plastic and selling it to scrap dealers to earn a livelihood, the police said.

“The accused had dropped used condoms in gurudwaras as well as mosques in the region. He has also revealed all the areas where has done such acts. When asked about how he can recall all the places clearly, he said he had worked as an auto driver for over 15 years and is well versed with all the places. He used to collect used condoms from waste dumps. We have also found some writings against other religions from his house,” Shashikumar said.

Apart from used condoms, Desai had dropped letters with incendiary contents to hurt the feelings of believers in other religious communities. He also disfigured images of politicians in the donation boxes.

Talking to reporters, the Christian man defended his action saying he was doing it to spread the message of Jesus. “I am spreading the message of Jesus for the past 15 years. The Bible says that except Jesus there is no other god. I used to drop these condoms as impure gifts must be given to impure places. I don’t have any remorse, the god has given us a of 70 years and I am already 62 years old,” Desai reportedly said.

Police have found that the Christian man is mentally sound and that he can read and write. He answered all questions that the police asked, making it clear that he was desecrating temples, fully aware of the implications of his action.

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