Saturday 28 May 2022
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Chinese goods boycotted by 43% last year

A survey conducted during the festive season in November 2020 had indicated that 71% of Indians did not purchase Chinese products at the time

A year after the clash between soldiers of Indian and Chinese armies at Galwan Valley in Ladakh, a survey has found that 43% Indians didn’t buy any China-made products in the last 12 months.

Even among those who purchased ‘Made in China’ products, 60% said they bought only 1-2 items during the period, the survey, conducted by community social media platform LocalCircles, found.

The results are in sync with the Indian government’s extra push to promote local production and ban 100-odd China-based apps like TikTok, AliExpress, among others. There were several calls for boycotting Chinese products after the Galwan Valley in which 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives while Russian and American sources said the Chinese casualty counted more than twice the figure.

A LocalCircles survey conducted around the festive season in November 2020 had indicated that 71% of Indians did not purchase ‘Made in China’ products at that time.

LocalCircles said the latest survey received nearly 18,000 responses from consumers located in 281 districts of India. Incidentally, value for money remains one of the key reasons for customers opting for Chinese products.

About 70% of respondents, who purchased products made in China in the last 12 months, said they did so because they felt the products offered value for money. ‘Uniqueness’ and ‘better quality’ were said attractions for some.  

Among the respondents who purchased Chinese products during this period, 14% said they bought 3-5 products, while 7% bought 5-10 items. India depends on China for several products, including electrical machinery, appliances, pharmaceuticals and drugs. China’s share in India’s intermediate goods is at 12%, while it is at 30 per cent for capital goods and 26% for final consumer goods.

Commenting on the survey results, LocalCircles said that while escalations like the one in 2020 give a reason to consumers to boycott Chinese items and try products made in India, consumers generally will only stay with them if the cost, quality, uniqueness and service equation is better and ahead of their Chinese counterparts.

“If with a combination of Indian markets and global export opportunities, India can scale the value for money, quality, uniqueness factor, at least in some product segments, it can ahead of China”, it stated.

The community social media platform is a medium to enable citizens and small businesses to escalate issues for policy and enforcement interventions and enable the government to make policies that are citizen and small business centric.

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