Monday 18 October 2021
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Chinese army returns near Ladakh; Indian troops vigilant

Chinese army PLA is building infrastructure in their depth areas, about 75-100 km from India's forward locations at some points in the region


Chinese army troops have been deployed heavily near the Ladakh front in their training areas from where they had transgressed into Indian areas last year. “The Chinese forces are back to their traditional training areas for an exercise near Eastern Ladakh,” top sources said.

The Chinese troops are there in large numbers holding exercises at different locations in their depth areas from where they can reach the Indian front in a matter of few hours, they said.

The Indian forces have strengthened their deployment in the area as they are keeping a close watch on the Chinese activities in the adjoining sectors, the sources said.

The Chinese are infrastructure in their depth areas, which are about 75-100 km from Indian forward locations at some points.

The two countries are in a stand-off position since April-May last year and are having friction points in the border area, which need to be resolved for ensuring peaceful resolution of the ongoing situation.

The sources said the recent reports suggest that the number of fighter aircraft at the Hotan and Kashgar air fields have been reduced, but the numbers keep fluctuating from time to time there, they said.

Even though the two countries have disengaged from the Pangong lake area, the deployments by both sides continue to stand.

Even during talks, the Chinese side showed reluctance in disengaging from the remaining friction points at Gogra Heights, Hot Springs, Depsang plains and CNN Junction near Demchok.

India has made it clear that it would consider de escalation only if there is disengagement by the Chinese from the friction points.

The Indian Army and other security forces have started returning to the summer deployments in the Ladakh sector abd other mountainous areas along the line of Actual Control. The Indian and Chinese armies both have many troops deployed at the border since last year. The deployment of formations and troops in the Sugar sector, Central sector and the north-eastern borders have also been strengthened.

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