Thursday 30 June 2022
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China withholding actual coronavirus toll: Tencent data

Compare 24,589, the casualty figure leaked from Chinese company Tencent, to 563, the official coronavirus toll China wants the world to accept

Unintentionally leaked data from Tencent, the second-largest company of coronavirus epicentre China, has exposed the magnitude of the pandemic. According to Tencent, more than 24,000 people have died in the country so far due to coronavirus. In a baffling game of underplay, the Chinese government claims, however, only 563 people have died due to this virus so far.

Although Tencent revised its figure after a worldwide stir over its disclosure, there is now speculation that the Communist Party of China is hiding the severity of the virulence from the world.

According to a report of Taiwan newspaper Taiwan News, Tencent, a Chinese company with business interests in several countries, said on Saturday that 1,54,023 people were affected by the novel coronavirus and 24,589 people had died till then. Tencent’s figure was nearly 80 times higher than China’s official figure. However, the company later changed its figure and said that only 14,446 people were suffering from the disease and a total of 304 people died.

China browbeats Tencent to revision

On social media, speculation is intensifying that Chinese company Tencent is keeping two types of data. One is the actual data of the dying and the affected and the other the ‘approved’ data by the government.

Some speculate that this real data of Tencent was leaked online due to a coding flaw. Some others believe that someone working at Tencent has intentionally leaked real data so that the world can know the real situation.

Taiwan News quoted sources as saying that people suffering from the novel coronavirus are not receiving treatment in Wuhan and are dying outside hospitals.

Besides, there is a huge shortage of test kits, due to which many cases are not getting detected and more people are dying as a result. When someone dies, sources say, the doctors are instructed to tell the cause of death to be some other disease instead of the coronavirus so that the death toll remains low.

Communist Party of China damned globally

The ruling Communist Party of China is facing criticism internationally for its bluff in the name of official data. Even in the domestic circuit, the Chinese government is ill-at-ease with the party’s handling of government data. In a show of double standards, however, it is taking action against officials who are trying to bring the truth to the fore.

China said on Thursday that the number of people killed by the coronavirus has risen to 563. In addition, 28,000 people are affected, with the highest casualty reported from Wuhan.

This is an additional controversy the communist regime has to contend with after reports that China was actually preparing the novel coronavirus as an agent of biological warfare which, accidentally or by sabotage, leaked out into the open.

Of course, the communists are hitting back with their time-tested stratagem of floating conspiracy theories to fight the worldwide condemnation of its callous behaviour. Now there are several websites run by interest groups, freelance web ‘journalists’ and puff piece writers claiming this is all an American conspiracy to sell to the world its for the coronavirus!

Corpses in crematoria not added to statistics

Bodies strewn in hospital corridors

According to reports from the crematoriums in Wuhan, bodies received by them are unaccounted for in the official figures. Meanwhile, a hospital staffer has released a video saying that the dead bodies are scattered in the hospital corridor. Nobody is claiming these corpses. The doctors are working continuously for 10 days while one of them has died of cardiac arrest.

On Thursday, 70 new cases of death were reported in Hubei capital Wuhan. Apart from this, 2,987 new people have been infected with this disease. For the last two weeks, Hubei has been virtually closed. The train station, airport and all the routes are sealed here.

Amid these allegations, China is accusing countries like the US of stalling people’s movements. China wants the world to believe its own statements alone project the truth. Earlier, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Taiwan and Vietnam have warned their citizens of venturing into China.

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