Tuesday 30 November 2021
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China Virus: 10 Questions That Will Make Beijing Run For Cover

The Wuhan-to-world coronavirus route has has left a trail of evidence of Beijing's conspiracy; the agent must hence be called the China virus


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Coronavirus, whose outbreak in Wuhan Beijing admitted before the world in December 2019 took a curious route to the entire world, affecting tens of thousands of people and killing a big percentage of them, must be referred to as “China virus” for many reasons. Here is the first lot that crosses the mind.

  1. How come the whole world got affected by the coronavirus disease pandemic, killings thousands, while China’s capital Beijing and its industrial-commercial hub Shanghai remained unaffected?
  2. Why did China take so long to disclose to the world there was an outbreak of the disease in the Hubei province?
  3. Why did China destroy the samples of the virus strain even as laboratories across the world were asking for it to conduct research?
  4. The world knows now the story of Dr Li Wenliang, who had disclosed the danger of coronavirus and who was arrested and jailed as a result. Since Beijing has admitted to its excesses in this regard, the next question is whether Dr Li died of COVID-19 or the communist regime of China killed him to avoid further embarrassment.
  5. Why did the World Health Organisation (WHO) and its director-general lie to the world, claiming that coronavirus is not transmitted human-to-human after Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’s China visit?
  6. Why did WHO delay imposing an embargo on international flights in and out of airports of China in time? To put it bluntly, how much did China shell out to buy the integrity of WHO?
  7. Equally, how much is it paying journalists across the world for not exposing its game?
  8. Even when China knew about the outbreak within its territory, why did it keep sending its labour force to serve across the world, infecting others in the process?
  9. Why did Beijing approve of the testing kit that a company working in its strict communist regime sold to Spain, Italy, Turkey and other countries?
  10. China has counter-accused the United States, saying that the was introduced by the American military and not its own Wuhan Institute of Virology as part of its biological warfare strategy. If that were to be true, how come the US Navy itself is badly affected?

These 10 questions are over and above the series of exposés that Sirf News has published for the past more than three months about the shenanigans of Beijing. Some reports from the series are as follows.

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The Chinese authority harassed him until he died, and now the Communist Party is investigating the death of Dr Li Wenliang. Who will believe in the findings of this probe?

Science journal The Lancet says the magnitude of the pandemic caused by coronavirus must be much greater. Sen Tom Cotton says China is lying. In essence, they’re saying the same thing.

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Dr Liu Zhiming is the second Chinese doctor who died while treating patients after Dr Li Wen Liang who died in custody after being arrested in December 2019 for raising an alarm about the coronavirus pandemic

One source after another, domestic and foreign, individuals and journals, punching big holes in the official figures released by China

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