Wednesday 26 January 2022
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China pressured Nepal to take Sinovac vaccine

While the China Embassy in Kathmandu is yet to confirm the validity of the letter Nepali officials confirmed that it was genuine

Leaked documents show China had exerted pressure on Nepal to accept its Sinovac vaccine to fight coronavirus. Coercing Nepal to sign the deal for the vaccine made by Sinopharm without any further delay, Beijing had warned Kathmandu the latter would otherwise have to wait for a long time as the vaccine was in “great demand”.

The correspondence between Nepal’s Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy published in Nepali newspapers and websites shows that the Himalayan nation was forced to accept the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine without its efficiency and efficacy being established.

Nepali media reports say Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a telephone conversation with his Nepali counterpart Pradeep Kumar Gyawali on 5 February and put pressure to accept the vaccines first under the condition that the details about the vaccines will be sent later.

According to the letter sent to the Nepal government by the Embassy of China, Beijing said all the necessary documents would be provided later and that Kathmandu should take the vaccine immediately.

While the Embassy of China in Kathmandu is yet to confirm the veracity of the letter, Nepali officials confirmed it was genuine.

“If the Nepali side could not collect this batch of the vaccine as soon as possible, it will be redistributed by other commercial orders and the manufacturing of the vaccines for Nepal will have to be put on a much later list,” reported a news agency quoting the letter. 

Vaccine from China only 50.4% effective in

The Nepal government has not given permission for the use of Chinese vaccines till now. 

Meanwhile, India has promised two million Covid-19 vaccines to Nepal and by India while the UK has promised another two million vaccines.

The third phase trials of the Sinovac vaccine, developed by Sinopharm (China National Pharmaceutical Group Corp), was found only 50.4% effective in Brazil.

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