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China partially admits persecuting whistleblower-doctor

The communist regime concedes attempts to silence doctor and whistleblower Li Wenliang were 'inappropriate' but also gives itself a clean chit and finds a scapegoat in the form of Wuhan police


China today conceded that it had muzzled a voice of truth vis-a-vis the coronavirus outbreak in the country, which eventually turned into a global pandemic. The country admitted further that its bid to silence doctor and whistleblower Li Wenliang were “inappropriate”, as has been reported by Chinese state media.

This brings China to a closure of the ‘probe’ its government had ordered into the ophthalmologist’s death. The National Supervisory Commission stated today that the investigators had concluded that local authorities in Wuhan had mishandled the situation and followed “irregular” and “improper” law enforcement procedures. In other words, the Communist Party of China, which rules the country with the proverbial iron hand, has given itself a chit and found a scapegoat in the form of a subservient, local government.

When Li sent a message to his former classmates from his medical school on 30 December, warning them that some in Wuhan had symptoms similar to the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus, urging them to be cautious, he was taken into custody as screenshots of his message went viral online.

“I only wanted to remind my university classmates to be careful,” he had told the western media, adding, “When I saw them circulating online, I realised it was out of my control and I would probably be punished.” He was one of the eight doctors who police reprimanded.

Li was forced to sign a statement that claimed his statements were “false”.

The poor doctor subsequently disclosed on Weibo that he had been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus and checked into Wuhan Central on 12 January. He died on 7 February. The issued a statement that read (translated): “During the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak, Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at our hospital, was infected. Efforts to save him were ineffective. He died at 2:58 AM on 7 February. We deeply regret and mourn his death.”

The commoners in China were infuriated on getting the news of Li’s death, The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of China had to yield before the public outrage, assuring the people it would institute an investigation to look into “issues raised by the people in connection with Dr Li”.

The farce is not out in the open for the world to see as the probe report pins the blame on local police. They have asked the law enforcement agency to withdraw their letter of admonition of Dr Li. The police have quietly followed the order.

US-China slugfest over coronavirus

The US and China have accused each other of “creating” the virus. China was first slammed when it told the world partially what was going on in the country a month after the outbreak. By then, the virus had gone viral within the country and caused outbreaks of respiratory diseases abroad, as the Chinese economy is now connected to the whole world.

Now that more than 2,00,000 people worldwide after first appearing in Wuhan, a section of the media is publishing and broadcasting congratulatory messages, addressing China for fighting the pandemic “successfully” when the number of new cases shows a decline.

“Rather than using best practices, this outbreak in Wuhan was covered up,” House national security adviser Robert O’Brien had said last week, adding, “It probably cost the world community two months to respond.” But much before him, Senator Tom Cotton had called Chinese bluff, and renowned journal The Lancet questioned the data the communist government of China was supplying to the world.

China also hit back this month, floating a conspiracy theory that the virus may have originated in the US. Last week, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman wrote on Twitter that “it might be US Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan”.

US President Donald Trump retaliated, referring to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus”. “China was putting out information, which was false, that our military gave this to them,” he said at a recent press briefing. “Rather than have an argument, I said I have to call it where it came from, and it did come from China.”

Recap of Sirf News‘ coverage of suspicious Chinese behaviour

Shocking Chinese plot unravels

The Chinese authority harassed him until he died, and now the Communist Party is investigating the death of Dr Li Wenliang. Who will believe in the findings of this probe?

journal The Lancet says the magnitude of the pandemic caused by coronavirus must be much greater. Sen Tom Cotton says China is lying. In essence, they’re saying the same thing.

China back with the infamous communist iron curtain to stop the world from knowing all facts about the coronavirus pandemic

Dr Liu Zhiming is the second Chinese doctor who died while treating after Dr Li Wen Liang who died in police custody after being arrested in December 2019 for raising an alarm about the coronavirus pandemic

One source after another, domestic and foreign, individuals and journals, punching big holes in the official figures released by China

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