Thursday 26 May 2022
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China to outsource visa application centre

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New Delhi: Amid various differences related to issues with India, the Chinese government plans to outsource its visa centre. The centre will be launched by VFG Global, a company that provides outsourcing and technical assistance to different governments for and services. A delegation of external affairs ministry of China, VFS Global CEO Zubin Karkaria and Deputy Director General of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be visiting India for the same.

Sources said that there was nothing new in it as embassies, in order to reduce their burden of work, go in for outsourcing, but India will keep a close watch on it. China has been issuing stapled to the people of Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir and India has been opposing this nefarious move of the Chinese government all along. Despite sweet and sour between India and China, the number of Indian people visiting China increased. So to ease out burden on the officials, this decision has been taken by the Chinese embassy.

An expert in foreign affairs Dhruvjyoti Bhattacharya said that there was nothing new in it as some countries have already started but the decision of giving visa to anyone would be with the only. The embassy would also be vetting the case whom to give visa and whom to deny. There was no policy change as such in this matter.

The Chinese government generally takes special care before issuing visas to people of countries like Taiwan, North Korea, Philippines, Sudan, Yemen, Japan and India. Japan too is outsourcing its visa while the US is still providing centralised visa and due to 9/11 terror incidence, it is all the more difficult for the US to outsource visa. VFS Global was launched in 2001 from Mumbai but at present its headquarters is Munich.

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Vinod Kumar Shukla
Vinod Kumar Shukla
Senior journalist and political commentator

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