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China could have spared the world coronavirus

The first patient afflicted by the coronavirus in China acquired it by consuming meat from a market in Wuhan where the agent crossed the species barrier


The whole world is facing the havoc of the deadly novel coronavirus, which started from Wuhan city of China. Where did this virus come from? How did the virus spread outside the city? Many such questions are roaming in people’s minds. The Chinese government and health managers are now being blamed for the outbreak of the virus that has taken the form of a giant from a small town.

According to a report, on 30 December, at a hospital in Wuhan, Dr Li Wenliang found seven patients suffering from a mysterious disease. He took caution and ordered to place him in the isolation ward immediately. The doctor shared information about it on an online group chat. Then a person asked him on the chat, “Is the dreaded SARS disease, which killed about 800 people in 2002 back?”

Health department officials swung into action as soon as this chat was leaked. They called Dr Li immediately and asked him why he had shared this information with the people. Three days after this incident, the police declared the proceedings of Dr Li illegal and took a signature on a document from him.

Fish sold along with snakes in this Wuhan market, China
Meat of fish and snakes kept in one place in this Wuhan

The outbreak was not of SARS but of coronavirus. Due to this virus, today people all over the world are living under the shadow of fear. So far, more than 300 people have died due to this virus.

Coronavirus has hunted over 14,380 people all over the world so far. According to media reports, the Chinese government was careless in tackling the outbreak. Fearing political embarrassment and fear of the people, the government did not do its best to stop it at the primary stage.

The origin and epicentre of the disease is a in Wuhan where the meat of about 112 varieties of animals is traded. According to sources, the virus first entered rotten snake meat in this market. When a customer ate the snake meat, the virus crossed the species barrier to enter a human body.

After Wuhan’s local citizens, doctors, government statements and China’s media reports came out, it was learnt that the government had wasted seven weeks after the first case of the virus was reported. The first case of coronavirus surfaced in December, but the government did not take it seriously. It released the first statement about coronavirus in January.

After the virus spread, the government pressured officials and doctors to remain silent. Due to lack of information, people remained unaware of this virus. They could not defend themselves in time. The markets of Wuhan shut down in the name of renovation.

If public health experts and medical professionals had warned people at the right time, this dangerous virus could have been prevented from spreading. Yinghong Huang, a health expert, said, “No action was taken by the local health department to alert people.”

In the now-infamous food in Wuhan city, the meat of 112 kinds of animals is sold. According to sources, rotten meat of different animals is the real reason for coronavirus.

Frogs in a market of Wuhan, China
Frogs in a of Wuhan, China

You will find here the meat of chicken, pig, cow, buffalo, fox, koala, dog, peacock, royal, lambs, duck, rabbit, ostrich, rat, deer, snake, kangaroo, crocodile, scorpion, turtle, camel, crocodile, donkey, frog, eel, yak’s head, etc and even insects. A bag full of frogs is seen in the adjacent photo.

For people coming from outside, this is so crowded and filthy that walking here is difficult. This market is still closed since the coronavirus outbreak. Earlier, people from all over the world used to come to this city to buy meat.

Snakes are kept with fish. Frog is available in kg. People of China take them as per their requirement. Chinese people buy the same organ that is needed. The waste of the organs which are not procured remains in the same for many hours.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in China, 6.09 million people have been lockdown so far. That is, so many people do not have freedom from leaving their homes. The Chinese government has asked these crores of citizens to take the most precaution. (Photo: Reuters)

Procurement of fauna has been banned in about 7 provinces including Hunan, Hubei, China. China’s stock has fallen sharply down. China’s government is suffering a lot due to tourism and international flights.

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