Thursday 28 October 2021
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China-built secret village in Tibet exposed by Google Maps, Reddit

A user of Reddit found the map and remarked that it looked strange and was perhaps a model town; Google Maps gave away the exact details


Even as, increasingly, the world suspects China had unleashed the as a biological weapon amidst Beijing’s denial, Google Maps has exposed a secret village built by China in its annexed Tibetan territory bordering India — its rival in this region of Asia — notwithstanding the communist ban of most internet-based services in that country.

When an image of the village of China first appeared on the Internet, apologists of the CCP called it fake, but it is now confirmed that China has established Village Yaqiandou.

With ominous portents for India, the village, whose images Google Maps picked, is situated in the Sichuan province of China where many Buddhist monks and nuns have settled. There is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery here.

While buildings in the secret village are densely placed, the constructed structures are small, making the settlement appear like a model town.

An image of this secret village of China appeared on Reddit before any other social medium. There, a user wrote that there was something strange about this picture. “It is beautiful to look at but also strange,” he remarked, adding, “Perhaps China has built a model town.”

When the image went viral, not many knew about the village, except for Google Maps that located it. Sources in Tibet said that China built this village in 2001. But now that the images are out, the existence of the secret Chinese mission is common knowledge.

As per Google Maps, more than 10,000 people lived in the Yarchen Gar (officially known as the “Yaqên Orgyän Temple”) at the maximum altitude. Once believed to be the largest monastery in the world, Yarchen Gar somehow made the Chinese authorities wary later, as they ordered the eviction of around 7,000 residents and demolition of the houses of 3,000 nuns in May 2019. The village is but settled now.

There are still several places across the world that even Google Earth is silent about. These are the Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany; the HAARP site, Gakona, Alaska; Babylon, Iraq; House of Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller, Russia; Keowee Dam, South Carolina, the US; Volkel Air Base, the Netherlands; Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada; the Szazhalombatta oil refinery, Hungary; 2207 Seymour Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, the US; the Army Logistics Command Headquarters Building, Taiwan, etc.

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