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Chhapaak can’t be shown without credit to lawyer Aparna Bhat

The judge of Delhi High Court told the producers of Chhapaak if crediting the lawyer was a problem, they should not have sought information on Laxmi Agarwal from her


The Delhi High Court today ruled that Chhapaak, the film featuring that was released yesterday, cannot continue to be screened without the credits showing lawyer Aparna Bhat’s name. Lawyer Aparna Bhat has represented Laxmi Agarwal, an acid attack survivor, in a legal battle.

Judge Pratibha M Singh ordered on Saturday that this stay would be applicable from 15 January on multiplexes and live-streaming apps while, on other mediums, the ban would be enforced on 17 January.

Earlier, the Delhi High Court had directed the filmmakers of Chhapaak to give credit to lawyer Aparna Bhat.

The high court on Friday had questioned the makers of -starrer Chhapaak as to why they did not give credit to Bhat for the information taken from the lawyer of acid attack victim Laxmi Agarwal. Chhapaak is based on the life of Laxmi Agarwal and it was released in theatres on 10 January.

Reacting to the previous development, the lawyer had written on her Facebook wall, “The producers are challenging this order which reflects that not giving credit was deliberate. I have won my battle…”

After the order was challenged, Bhat wrote, “The producers of Chhapaak have filed a petition challenging the order. The high court heard the matter and orders will be passed tomorrow. My lawyer and I have made a statement we will not speak about their actions till (sic) orders are passed. I thank you all for your support and request you to honour my word to the court. Could not have gotten this far without all your support.”

The court questioned the producer and director of the film during a hearing on a petition by Fox Star Studios. The petition challenged the court’s order of Thursday in which it was asked to give credit in view of the contribution of advocate Aparna Bhat.

Justice Singh reserved the order on the petition and said that the court would pronounce the verdict on Saturday morning. The court questioned the alleged difficulty in giving credit to the lawyer. It also asked the producers why they had approached Bhat for information about Laxmi and her legal struggle.

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