Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Chewbacca: What Ishan Khatter likened Deepika Padukone to

Many Instagram users reacted adversely to the Chewbacca comment from Ishaan Khatter, brother of Shahid Kapoor, while some thought it was funny. Deepika did not react to the comment

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone remained on social media all of Wednesday. The reason was her look in MET Gala 2019 in New York. Her pictures from the MET Gala red carpet went viral. But Shahid Kapoor’s brother Ishaan Khatter made a comment on one of the photographs, which is uncharitable to say the least.

Ishaan commented on Deepika’s photo, “Chewbacca is that you?” Chewbacca is a gorilla-like fictional animal. Chewbacca or ‘Chewie’ was a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. He is a Wookiee that is a tall hirsute humanoid from the fictitious planet Kashyyyk, who is supposed to be quite intelligent.

Chewbacca, who?

One of the loyal mates of Han Solo, Chewbacca serves as the co-pilot on the spaceship, the Millennium Falcon. In the franchise films, Peter Mayhew played Chewbacca between the third and seventh episodes.

In the seventh episode, Mayhew shares the role with Joonas Suotamo, his body double. Thereafter, Suotamo essayed the role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. He was featured as Chewbacca also in Solo: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The character has appeared on television, books, comics, and video games.

Deepika gets all sorts of reactions

Many Instagram users reacted adversely to the comment from Ishaan while some thought it was funny. Deepika did not react to the comment.

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Earlier, Deepika was being compared to a Barbie Doll. Some, at worst, did not like the new look. But Deepika had to put in a lot of hard work for that appearance. She shared a glimpse of the make-up process on Instagram.

The picture of Deepika getting made up went viral on social media, too. In this picture, she is seen sitting in front of a mirror, but her face is not visible, as it is covered by her hair.

While sharing the picture, Deepika wrote, “24/7”. In all likelihood, Deepika wished to say, through this caption, how busy she has been keeping with work these days even post-marriage with Ranveer Singh.

Even the covered face of Deepika Padukone elicited more than a million likes on Instagram.

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